Hormonal Imbalance After Miscarriage

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emburton - April 4

I had a miscarriage in August, so 8 months ago. Since then I have been so moody to the point of psychoticness (is that a word!?) I had milk come in on just my right side in February. I can't lose the 10 lbs. that I gained during that pregnancy. My periods have been pretty regular accept for the fact that one month it lasts 1 day, then the next month it will last 5. Weird!! Anyone else have similar problems? I do plan on getting ahold of my ob soon, because I am afraid that now that I am trying to get pregnant again I won't be able to keep it if my hormones are out of whack.
what do you guys think?


Tasman Bay Butterfly - April 6

It does sound like some kind of imbalance. You should get some tests run at your ob/gyn that might shed some light on this. All hormones also affect each other. Adrenal and thyroid can mess up your female hormones as well. Sometimes you need to supplement for a few months to get yourself back on track. Myself, I prefer bioidentical hormones for supplementation. But, you really need to get an a__sessment to find out exactly what it is that you are dealing with. You may be able to get preggers again like this, but if things are out of whack, then you may not be able to stay pregnant. There may be something underlying that caused you to m/c in August. I don't know, but please give yourself peace of mind and go get checked out and then address any problems you find. Best of Luck!



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