How Long Should I Wait After D Amp C To Start To Exercise

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Tara - June 16

I had a D&C 11 days ago, I feel really tierd and cramping. I was wondering how long it took others to start exercising after a D&C? I want to get my body back in shape after being pregnant for three months. I want to make sure my body is healthy and in better shape before I try to get pregnant again.


Jess - June 16

I had a m/c and D&C the beginning of March. I waited about a week before I started to work out. Very light though. It was about two-three that I started to get back to where I was before I fell pregnant. If you start to soon you'll make the bleeding start again. Good Luck


mellissa - June 16

i had a d&c almost two months ago. I started working out after a month. I only bled for a week after the d&c and had no cramping...but i had absolutely no energy! when i did start working out, i had to force myself...i seriously couldn't even get out of bed some days, I was so tired. I think you should follow the signs your body gives you. like jess said...start out slow and see what your body can handle before you go into a full fledged workout.


Jenn - June 17

I m/c on 4/21 felt i needed somewhere to channel my emotions and i was going to do that through working out but the nurse said to wait the regular 6 weeks, i didnt wait, but i did start off slow, and worked out according to what my body was telling me.



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