Is It Possible To Get Pregnant 1 3 Days After A Miscarriage

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Varga39 - July 2

I recently miscarried and was so sad about it. I know you're supposed to wait at least two weeks before having s_x after a miscarriage, but I wasn't bleeding so I figured it'd be alright. I was just wondering if it is possible to become pregnant 1 to 3 days after a miscarriage? Thanks.


tonilee7 - July 3

Hi varga39, sorry I can not answer your question. Unlike you I had a d/c but my doctor also told me to wait atleast 2 weeks but d/h and I had s_x 3 days after I had the d/c......... I guess if you can get pregnant that soon.....we will find out soon enough.....I am due to O in 3 days I am going to take an O test just to be certain. If I dont O I guess I will have to wait for a few weeks then take a pregnancy test....I believe if by chance I have already gotten pregnant...then it was meant to be, hopefully this time things will go to plan and in a little over 9 months I will have a little bundle of joy......I wish you all the luck I can, let me know how you go....and I will do the same


jessie - July 3

Hi VARGA and TONI, I am sorry for your loss. I believe the primary concern of doctors who ask you to wait to have s_x for two weeks is infection - the cervix remains open for a bit after m/c and the risk of inection is higher. I think your risk of pregnancy is low, but if you do get pg, there are women in this forum who have gotten pg straight after and are in their 2nd trimester. They have told me the the risk for m/c is not greater, that it is just harder to date the pregnancy but docs can do this with u/s. Take care xx


SaraH - July 3

Varga39, I'm sorry for your loss. It would be very unlikely for you to be able to get pregnant only a couple days after an m/c. You really shouldn't ovulate for at lest a week or two after the m/c, therefore you shouldn't probably be able to get pregnant until then. Best of luck.


frankschick2001 - July 5

Although I am no expert, I would think getting pregnant 3 days after losing a pregnancy is very very unlikely.


Dutchtreat - December 17

November 6th i found out i was pregnant. November 8th my hcg levels were 17. November 11th i started to bleed and by November 13th i went to er and my bleeding slowed down and stopped. My hcg levels were non existent the dr said. I spotted barley the 12th and 13th. December 6th i took a test. It was negative. I took another one December 11th and it was positive. December 12th my levels were 46 and told approximately 3 weeks i was. December 14th my levels were 129 and told 4 weeks. Does that mean i became pregnant 3 to 4 days after my bleeding stopped and my levels were 0 when it happened? So 5 days after my bleeding started i was pregant in order to be 4 weeks on December 14th?


Progenesisivf - January 30

There is no perfect amount of time to wait before trying to conceive again after a miscarriage but many healthcare providers recommend to wait at least few weeks to enhance the chances of healthy pregnancy. It takes time for the uterus to recover.    



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