Menstrual Cycle Change After A DNC

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tdo - April 8

I had a DNC on Feb 8th due to an unviable pregnancy. My AF came back on March 10th and the Dr. gave me the okay to ttc. I ovulated on day 16. My cycles were 24-27 days prior to the DNC. My period is now 2+ days late, but the hpt are reading negative.
My question is: For those of you who have been unfortunate enough to have a DNC, do you remember if your cycle changed? any input would be greatly appreciated. This wondering is driving me insane...


tdo - April 8



jstaley1228 - April 9

Hi, tdo. I had a miscarriage and D&C on Sept 27th last year due to a blighted ovum. Before my miscarriage I was a textbook cycle with 28 days and ovulation on 14. It took 42 days for my period to return after the procedure and since then my cycles have been anywhere from 31 to 36 days and I think I ovulate around CD18 or so? I have been ttc for about 5 months now and just got my period today so...another one bites the dust for me. It has been so heartbreaking for me since we got pregnant the first time around on our first try! I tried the ovulation stick kits and they didn't work for me so I am gonig on my second month using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. I think this will really help me as it at least showed I was ovulating whereas the sitcks didn't. Anyway,,,,long story short, the D&C DESTROYED my cycle and it has been a real struggle trying to piece it back together. I wish you tons of luck tdo and I'm so sorry for your loss.


tdo - April 9

Thank you for your input!! I'm sorry for your loss and that your AF appeared its ugly head today. The same happened to me. My cycle was 31 days compared to 24-28days. Yiiiiccck!! My hubby bought me the OV watch for valentine's day -interesting gift. Hopefully, that will help me detect my ovulation.
Perhaps, this month will be our lucky month. Wishing the best to you!! Thanx again, t


jstaley1228 - April 9

Interesting and GREAT gift. I love that your DH is taking such an early, active interest in "getting back on the horse". My dh is great but just until recently he wasn't as interested as me. Which would be hard I suppose considering I'm pretty much obsessed. You'll have to let me know how the OV watch works for you. I hope this is your lucky month, tdo. I have another three weeks or so to wait before we try again and they cycle starts all over... Best wishes!



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