Need URGENT Advice Regarding Ovulation After Miscarriage

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baba123 - July 6

hi everyone. I was overjoyed to find out that i was pregnant two weeks ago. But last week (thursday - 3rd july) i had a bit of spotting. This went on to full red bleeding for friday and saturday and today (sunday) the bleeding has slown to almost nothing. Also today we went for a full scan which found that there was nothing left inside the cervix. Doctors have said that most likely i have had a miscarriage and that i've lost the baby through the heavy bleeding. The doctors have said that I won't need a D&C though. I would have been 6 weeks pg tomorrow (monday) and going through this first miscarriage loss has really put me down because i was looking forward to this baby but the mc was very early that i think this is the reason it has made it easy for me to keep looking forward and not to dwell on what was not meant to happen. I have heard that after a miscarriage, a woman is more fertile and the chances of getting pregnant are higher. Therefore i want to take my chances and have another go for my ovulation. Now i want to know a few things regarding ovulation after miscarriage and would be very grateful if anyone can guide me. First of all let me give you some info:- my last period was on may 26th and if i wasn't pregnant then my last period would have been on june 23rd and my next period would be 21st july. My cycle is always 28 days, give or take day. My ovulation is also always 14 days from the first day of my cycle. Now my questions are:- 1. Just like a period 1st day is classed from the start of full-flow bleeding, which day do i class a miscarriage from? 2. Is having a miscarriage classed as having a period? 3. From the info i have given you, what is the most likely day/date i will ovulate? Sorry for such a long post, but i would be very grateful if someone could help me ASAP. thank you xx


mcbee - July 6

baba123, having a m/c is not considered the same as having a period. Miscarriages tend to throw off your cycle for a month in terms of days. That's one reason that doctors want you to wait to have a period before you start trying again. Also, having a m/c can be a bit traumatic on your body. You'll want to give it a little while to recover.


baba123 - July 6

many thanx mcbee for ur reply. I want to be very honest in saying that i'm not willing to wait. Also from the scan doctors have said that there is nothing left and the probability is that my body has already expelled all of the foetus by bleeding. The bleeding has almost totally stopped and now i'm simply spotting. Therefore i would be most grateful if someone can pls help me with the above questions. Thanks again


mcbee - July 6

The only other thing I can tell you is to try an over-the-counter ovulation predictor kit. It's really one of the only ways that you'll be able to tell when you're going to ovulate. They're not really cheap, but they work. Good luck!


baba123 - July 6

thank u mcbee.


saramcg - July 6

baba123---you should ovulate relatively soon after all of the hcg hormone has left your body...this is the hormone that the pregnancy tests pick your doctor doing blood draws to make sure that they go down? If so, once they get below 5, you should O not long affter that. But a miscarriage is NOT like a period and you really can't tell when day 1 is or when you O just by counting days...after your first AF, you should be relatively back to normal. If your docs aren't checking your betas, I would concider taking pregnancy tests (the cheap dollar store ones work good for this) until they come back negative, then go for the ovulation predictor kit like mcbee could also chart your temp and cervical mucus from here on out to try to pinpoint O. Good luck and I wish you well in ttc!


baba123 - July 6

the doc is in hospital and he did a one-off beta test to see my hcg. Normally the GP never does it. Therefore i will have to buy some cheap test. Do you recommend that i do the tests everyday or every 2 days? or more?


saramcg - July 6

did you get the results back from the blood draw? that can gice you an idea of where you started. taking the tests is up to you...every day or every other day is perfectly fine. the rule of thumb is that they should be cut in half every 2 days just like they should double every 2 days in pregnancy. if they do not go down, you could have some retained tissue aswell, which may put off ovulation. OH and another thought, when you do finally get a negative hpt, just know that you still will have LITTLE bit more in there that it is not picking up, but SOOn after that, it should all be gone and then you can try again, but know that if you do get pg, it may be hard to date the pg until your first u/s. Good luck!


mustangca__sie - July 7

I found ovulation tests the best, the urine ones.... They are really expensive if you get them from a chemist. Norm around $20 for 7. But i just bought 50 online for $30 delivered from a website called testforless. Just search ovulation test kits. Heaps come up. I have a 36 day cycle and actually ovulate on day 28. I never would have found this out had I not used these tests.


baba123 - July 7

well thanks everyone. When I went to hospital, the doc did a blood test, but didn't tell us any numbers. Instead he just told us that the test is showing me still as positive, but its very faint (which i a__sume is getting fainting because the hcg is getting less????). Anyone know where in uk i can get cheap ovulation predictors? Also is it worth pushing our own personal doctor to test us for HCG levels?


Sal78 - July 7

baba123 I agree with you. I had a miscarriage on the 18th June and a D&C on 25th June. Losing a child has been the worst experience of my life but I cannot wait to get pregnant again. I know it may sound silly, but being pregnant again is the only thing I think will make me feel better about losing my baby. My Dr said there is no problem with TTC again straight away (obviously once the bleeding had stopped). I lost my baby at 8 weeks (it was only measuring 6 weeks). My husband and I started TTC again last Wed 2nd July. My bleeding had stopped several days before this. However, when my husband and I had s_x last night, I started bleeding again. Almost like the beginning of my period. Could this be what this is, or could it just be bleeding still from my D&C? I took a pregnancy test today and I still have a very faint line (with a Discover One Step pregnancy test that you do 5 days before your missed period). Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Kendalyn - July 7

If you have had M/C read the forums on MTHFR!


baba123 - July 8

just to up-date you all, i have noticed since yesterday evening that i am still spotting. It is day 5 today so i a__sume this is normal as many of you have said bleeding/spotting continues for between 6-8 days after the first day of full flow of bleeding just as like an AF, it is water like blood, in very small amounts like the end of my AF. I also did a pregnancy test in the morning today and it still shows positive.


baba123 - July 8

Just to up-date you all, i have noticed since yesterday evening that i am still spotting, albeit very little. It is day 5 today so i a__sume this is normal as many of you have said bleeding/spotting continues for between 6-8 days after the first day of full flow of bleeding just as like an AF, it is water like blood, in very small amounts like the end of my AF. I also did a pregnancy test in the morning today and it still shows positive.


Tory1980 - July 8

baba123, I am sorry to hear about the miscarriage. I have had two - one at 6weeks and one at 14w4d. After the 6week one we decided not to wait and fell pregnant straight away with my third son. I tested at 42 days and it came back positive. A miscarriage can completley screw up your cycles so don't expect things to go straight back to normal. I am from N.I and so far haven't found a cheap Ovulation predictor kit but then I have always charted and never really needed them. The best pregnancy tests I have found though are Tesco's own brand at around £4 for the two. If you are still testing positive then I would say your hCG is still very high and until it drops you won't ovulate. You could ask your doctor for a serum hCG test and they may do it but most GP's (as I have found over 4 term pregnancies and two miscarriages) don't know a great deal about it. If you have one that does then it is definitely a bonus! I was told after the 6weeks m/c that I wouldn't need a D&C but I did bleed on and off for nearlly 2weeks. With the 14w4d I delivered baby and placenta and they told me everything had gone only to be rushed in the following day to find retained tissue and a lot of blood and I needed a D&C anyway. Hopefully the spotting is showing all is calming down again for you but it may flare up and down depending on activity etc. If it continues longer than 3weeks or so see your GP - it can be signs of infection even without smell. Doctors tell you to wait for numerous reasons - the main one (and I asked then direct) is so they can date a pregnancy easier. They also say to give the body a break, to allow you to grieve or come to terms with the loss and to allow the womb to replenish it's lining etc. For me I didn't want to wait and I didn't and he is now 2.5years old. With my second m/c it was by 'un-spoken agreement' that we waited one cycle and then tried again and I fell pregnant on my second cycle with my daughter who is now 7months. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope for a safe and healthy pregnancy next time!


baba123 - July 9

I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriages Tory1980. I really feel your pain. I am so happy at the same time with your BFP and having a healthy boy and girl. Your story has made me even more determined to go for it. The doc has offered only a urine test and will tell me the Hcg result on friday. I don't expect that my ovulation would be on the exact time, but there again, i have had no more bleeding today..not even spotting, so i hope that it is correct. Nevertheless, i am taking as much rest as possible and i'm eating plenty of healthy fruit and vegetables as i was told this will help my body heal a lot more quickly and give me my strength too. I am not willing to wait too long as part of my grieving is to have a baby, so what better way than to try for a baby? I will start BDing within the next few days (approx 10 days after miscarriage day 1). From day 10 we will try every 2 days to allow some build up of sperm and carry on till day 25. Also i will test for ovulation from day 10 onwards till day 25. Does this sound ok?


Tory1980 - July 10

baba123, all sounds good with that plan. Doctors here are funny about doing hCG tests. i had one done a few weeks ago but it was because I was having an x-ray over my pelvis and they insisted on knowing that I wasn't pregnant first. I hadn't had a period in 15months but she showed a few days ago afterall anyway. The tests at doctors need high amounts of hCG to show + so you make still have some of the hormone left - enough to delay ovulation but not high enough to show test if that makes any sense? To be honest I see no reaon in needing to wait if both you and hubby are happy to go ahead and try again. Can I ask though - what is your real name?



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