Ovulation This Early Is It Possible

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Babymama - June 19

I was supposed to get my period on June 3, I had a confirmed HCG test of 5 that day and 5 again 2 days later on the 5th. I began bleeding on the 6th. My HCG was 0 on June 12th and I was done bleeding. So basically it was a VERY early chemical pregnancy that did not obviously affect my cycle much. I did an OPK test starting on Mon (CD 11) it was nothing, CD 12 faint line (negative), CD 13 a bit darker (still negative), but TODAY CD 14 the test line is WAY darker than th control indicating a POSITIVE OPK meaning I will ovulate in the next 12-36 hours...right?! Well I called my doc yesterday and his nurse said that it was HIGHLY unlikely that I would really ovulate this cycle but if I did that it wouldn't hurt anything to get pregnant. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Did anyone else ovulate this soon after a loss? Please help me! I feel like a freak! LOL


jaciharper - June 25

I hope you ovulated. I miscarried on the 18th and bleed for three days. I am so hopping that I can start again soon. I just want to be pregnant, I have a daughter thats four and I had an IUI with her, but no problems with the pregnancy. I had an ectopic in Jan the Dr said it is just bad luck one has nothing to do with the other and he said he is sure the next one will be a sticky one. Please keep me updated of your progress, I would love to hear.


margie - June 30

i ovulated 2 weeks after i had a d&c and had a period exactly 28 days afterwards, i got pregnant the following cycle right around day 14. i now have a beautiful 7 month old daughter!


cherylc - June 30

I was going to ask a similar question. I had a m/c at 9w1d 15 days ago. I bled for about a week, stopped, and than started again. And now have stopped again. My cervix is VERY low now and I've got TONS of discharge, just like when I ovulate, do you think it could be?????? It seems so early, but all the signs are there.


margie - June 30

Yep...totally possible believe it or not! You can get pregnant the same cycle after miscarriage, not everybody ovulates so soon, but I for sure did. You are also more fertile after a miscarriage, although doctors recommend you wait at least one cycle to let your body heal.


jaciharper - July 3

To keep you updated on me I ovulated on the 2nd we had BD for three days now. I so hope we end up pregnant with very, very sticky babies. Margie how are you doing have you taken a test?



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