Staph Infection 3 Weeks After D Amp C

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Miss_B - October 5

3 weeks ago I had a D&C. Now for almost a week I have been fighting this knot that came up in my pantyline where my leg bends. I went to the same OB/GYN clinic that did the D&C, not the same Dr., but she said that it was a Stah infection from Cellulitis. She lead me to believe it was from shaving and I maybe got a nick and the bacteria got in that way, which I guess is possible, but I never saw like an ingrown hair or anything there it was just a lump that developed and got larger and larger. This thing is terrible, it's painful and I can't walk properly so I am limping around. All she gave me were really strong antibiotics, no pain meds and I guess just expects me to hobble around. This is a very reputable clinic so I want to think she knows what she is doing here. The thing about a staph infection is that usually only the eldery, small children, drug users or HIV carriers get it, someone with a compromised immune system. That I can't understand because I was very healthy through my pregnancy from the prenatal vitamins and I had quit smoking and drinking alcohol, of course. Does a miscarriage break down your immune system? And has anyone had this problem?


Miss_B - October 5

Also, could it be from the D&C and just not show up for almost 3 weeks?


Kim - October 5

It's strange you mention it - my husband and I are 24, very active and healthy and thin, and we suffered with staph infections for a few months last year. Mine was a lump like yours, I didn't notice a cut or anything, it just appeared one day and continued to grow until I was in so much pain they had to lance it and give me antibiotics. My husband's would not respond to the same antibiotics, and it got so bad, it landed him in the hospital for three days. He almost lost his leg and had to be on IV antibiotics for three weeks at home via a pic line running to his heart. Apparently, there are many new strains of staph infections that are being called "super staph" strains that are affecting not just the elderly and people with immune problems, but the young, healthy and active. Our doctors tell us this is largely because of the overprescription and overuse of antibiotics. It is a real problem. Many people are carriers of staph bacteria, but in my husband's case in particular, his reaction to it was severe (most likely because his body just has some kind of immune deficiency to the particular strain he contracted). It's such a frustrating explanation I know. My best to you and I hope they are able to take care of this problem for you so you can get healthy quick. If it continues to get worse and not better, go back to your doctor immediately. They may need to get you on other antibiotics to clear it up.


Kim - October 5

Oh and duh! My point was that I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with your miscarriage - you can be totally healthy and still get them. By the way I am really really sorry about your baby. Miscarriage is so devastating, I can't believe I didn't respond to that in the first place.


Miss_B - October 5

Thank you for your reply and support, Kim. This is scary. So it could be contagious. The Dr. didn't mention that. So where were these infections on you guys? She didn't lance mine which I thought was strange as well. She just said to keep a warm wet compress on it. I just can't imagine where it would have come from. I am 25, healthy, thin...etc. like you as well. I am glad you and especially your husband are well now. That is some serious stuff with a pic line running into his heart.


Kim - October 5

Hi Miss_B: Staph is a bacteria so yes, it is contagious - but everyone reacts differently to it. Most people would not develop some kind of "flare up" unless they happened to have some kind of immune deficiency for the particular strain. So it's not contagious in the sense that chicken pox is. I had two different infections, within a month of each other on my calf. My husband had a pretty bad one on his groin which had to be lanced (OUCH) and then one on his upper thigh, which is the one that eventually got him hospitalized. That is interesting that yours is also in the upper thigh/groin area. Yes it was quite scary! We kept thinking, "How did we get these? We're totally healthy! Is there something in our house?" But the doctors kept insisting it didn't come from anyone or anything - most people carry the bacteria (usually in their nose) and some people are just more susceptible than others to outbreaks of infection. I am glad too that we are better, would definitely NOT want to repeat that experience. They had to make a hole down to the pocket of infection which was under layers of tissue in my husband's leg and it was so horrible. For three weeks at home I sterilized and packed and unpacked his wound. It was a "tunnel" in his leg about 2 inches deep and as wide as a quarter. UGH! Anyway, I'm quite sure you'll never get there, I don't mean to scare you. It's just the kind of thing you want to keep an eye on! If they didn't lance it, they must not be too worried about it, and warm compresses should help. Take care!



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