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amanda - May 9 11:33am

I had a d&c two weeks ago and I think I have a yeast infection now. I don't have a follow up with my doctor for another two weeks. does anyone know if it is safe to use an otc yeast infection treatment?

B - May 9 2:33pm

From my experience, yes. Monistat 3.

check w/ your dr - May 9 3:47pm

hi amanda, i would say considering that you have had a D&C just call your Dr and ask if you can use the otc medication - just to be on the safe be some other sort of infection.

amanda - May 9 4:26pm

thanx guys. i will call my Dr. tomorrow...he was out of the office today, of course. Seems like whenever you need to talk to them they aren't there!!!


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