Uterus Lining After D Amp C

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wondering? - September 15

Does a D&C make your uterus lining thin after wards? If so, does anyone know how long it takes for your uterus lining to thicken? If you have a thin lining isn't there more of a chance of misscarriage again?


Q - September 16

I think there's conflicting information on this topic. I'd like to know as well. I've read that the lining is thinner, and I've also read that it isn't. If anyone can shine more light on this subject, I would appreciate it too!


Danielle - September 17

hey ladies i had a d and c on 8-2 i didn't get my 1st period until yesterday and its light not really and clots so i would say my lining was thiner but i have heard people who get pregnant right after and carry healthy babies so everyones probly different i would wait one period before trying just to be safe


m - September 23

my fertility doctor says it's really important to wait until you've had one normal period--he says you'll know what's normal for you. the thickness of uterine lining is, however, highly variable with or without miscarriage. fertility clinics have experimented with herbal remedies for think linings (drink red rasberry tea 3 x day from the beginning of your cycle); baby aspirin (which supposedly thins the blood and improves circulation but has no clinical evidence to support it and could easily create an inhospitable womb); viagara suppositories (no clear clinical evidence, and you need a capable pharmacist to concoct the tabs); hot water bottles on your abdomen from period to ovulation...
It seems that after a d&c, when your lining has been a__saulted, it's really important to let things heal and return to normal.


wondering? - September 23

thanks m for the info... great reading



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