2 Months Late And Took 3 Pergnancy Test All Say Negative

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Nica - May 8

To Ann and others: being on the Pill can disguise other problems, like PCO (polycystic ovarian disease) which is common but can impede fertility. So don't wait - if you're not menstruating after going off the pill, see a doctor. Even if you are menstruating, you're not necessarily ovulating.


H - May 16

I was also trying to get an answer but found out that your problem is similar to mine. my last period was on march 26 and today is may 16. i took five tests, all say negative and one blood test. also negative. tomorrow i am going back for another urine test and if it says negative i am going to see whats wrong with me. good luck cuz we will all need it


jenn - May 16

Hey girls! What the heck is going on? The same thing happened to me. I'm 2 weeks late now and that never happens. I've taken 3 total pregnancy tests and they're all negative. I wish that we could get a doctor on here to tell us the chances of getting a false negative test! So you guys have heard that it is possible to get negative results and be pregnant? I really don't know. Please help!!


Ryanne - May 19

Hey everyone same things happening to me! I'm 25 days late so it's pretty safe to say I've missed my period which has never happened to me (except when I was preg with my now 3.5 yr old daughter) My hubby and I have been trying to get preg for the past 15 months now. Took both urine and blood tests last week, both negative. Went to my Dr and she said it could be one of two things. I either didn't ovulate this month and therefor didn't get my period or I ovulated really late and am so newly pregnant that it isn't showing up on the test. She said both are very possiable. She told me to wait a week or two and test again and in a month or two goes by and I don't test positive and my period hasn't come back to go back in and she's put me on Clomide to make me ovulate. I'm still holding out hope that I am pregnant I'm having a lot of symptoms but i"m trying not to get my hopes up to much. Only time will tell. Good luck everyone and I'll keep you updated.


diego - June 5

i had s_x with my gf about 1 month ago just after she finishd her period.. the thng is that she/s still virgin and i had eject my semine externaly over her body... this day she is supposd 2 have her period but insted she was vomiting with no stomach pain... we did pregnancy test and the result was negetive... is it possible that she get pregnant even if she was virgine ? i really gonna need an answer .. thanx


allison - July 16

I'm 65 days late and i have took test and blood work and they came out neg. i had ultrasound there was nothing there. can please tell me something. in may i had uti and a yeast infection can that hvae something to do with my cycle not coming down


tine - August 3

the same thing happen with me yes u can be pregnat that ia what i went thro and iam pregnat to...


Kara - August 7

can havin a urinary track infection affect gettin your period????


julie - August 15

I am two weeks late, I took 3 tests. The First said no. Then I bought a two pack test thing and the first one said yes and the second one said no. I am on birth control and the guy said he did not come in me. I'm not feeling any side effects. Could I be pregnant?


xclusivelove - January 4

Whats going ON?!!! CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! iM CONFUSED!! im 65 days late on my period!! and have taken 12323534945 of test and all came negative.. (hvnt tkn a blood tst) have been having s_x with my bf with no protection!and hvnt gttn my period yet,,, so can SOMEBDY HELP ME!! has anybody been through this? or know anybody that has been through this? Have been having some symptoms.. -at time sore b___st,swollen b___st,metal taste,have been craving fruit,have sort of of a pudge? i Hope its not all in my head.... HELP!!!


AmberMichelle - March 17

Ok..so I am 2 months late for my period i am tired all the time and all my tests have been negative and i don't know what to do just wanted some opinions..help me out please


newmommy311 - March 18

Visit your doctor. If you are usually regular and have never missed a period you may be pregnant. There are cases were a test doesn't read your hcg levels. Have you been stressed or exercising more than usual? Have you recently gained weight? Are you TTC and paying attention to your body? Have you felt any changes? Bloating, cramps, tired? Whatever the case is your doctor should be able to answer your questions. Good luck!


AmberMichelle - March 18

I went to the health department today and they said it was negative still...i have felt changes i think..things are just really hard when you don't have insurance and stuff like that ya know



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