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Mary - December 3rd, 2004 6:52 PM

I feel SO relieved that I'm not alone! It's been 8 & 1/2 weeks since my last normal period (10/5/04), I'm 4 & 1/2 weeks late now. Towards the end of Oct. I had some light spotting for a day (maybe less).. light brownish/redish color. Missed AF at the beginning of Nov. and ever since I've been having increasing preg. symptoms (even b4 my 1st hpt). Nausea (threw up a few times) dizzy, headaches, heartburn,body aches, sleep problems, very vivid dreams, & MOODY! Recently I've had all of these symptoms PLUS more sensitive to smells, my nipples REALLY hurt, boobs seem bigger, peeing A LOT, white discharge, some cravings & food aversions,& butterfly/fluttery feelings in my stomach that are almost nauseating. All of this & I keep getting negative hpts! I've been a little late b4, but NEVER this late! Has anyone else experienced this & found they were infact pregnant?? If so, how far along were you when you finally showed positive?? Do I need to go to my Dr. ASAP?? What does anyone think?? What's going on here?? I wouldn't mind being preg... I'm 24 & married, so it'd be nice, but it's driving me craaaazy & I just really need some peace of mind!!

Carrie - December 3rd, 2004 7:40 PM

I don't have any answers for you but just to let you know you are not alone - I was due to start my period Nov 6th - Still waiting so I am now 28 day's late - I have neever been this late in my life - have alot of the symptoms and still getting neg hpt's - My Dr is not concerned about me missing a period and said to wait 2 more weeks to do another test - This is all driving me crazy - I just want to know one way or the other so I can get back to my life - This has really taken over. Best of luck to you - If you find out anything , I would love to hear from you.

Mary - December 3rd, 2004 8:40 PM

Wouldn't you be coming up on your 2nd missed period then? My 2nd missed period has 4 days now. I've never missed 2 periods before, even when I was a teenager. It just doesn't seem normal does it? I forgot to mention that I'm having some cramps, gas, and I've been breaking out for like 2 or 3 weeks. My mother says that my sympt. sound preg, & HPTs can be wrong & I should go to the Dr. for a more sensitive test. It's great to hear from someone in the same boat. Keep me posted & I'll do the same.

Carrie - December 16th, 2004 5:14 PM

Hey Mary, How are you ? I am now nearly 6 weeks late and still neg tests - going Dr's again next week to hopefully have blood test - what about you?

nikki - December 17th, 2004 2:30 PM

I understand! My last period was Oct. 25 and still neg hpt and blood test. I have all the symptoms you have! My doctor gave me some medicine that was supposed to make me start my period, but I won't take the risk.

Carrie - January 1st, 2005 4:31 PM

Hi everyone, Happy New Year to you all , Well I thought I would update everyone, I was 7weeks and 3day's late and finaly came on, I could'nt believe it as I really thought I was pregnant - had all the symptoms but kept getting neg tests - I guess the tests are right after all - good luck to all of you.

julie - January 3rd, 2005 1:08 PM

well i'm now 9 days late and all negative tests!! The only other time I missed a period was when I was pregnant with my son so I assumed that I was preganant again, its good to know that others are in the same boat. I seem to be having all the usual pregnancy symtoms and i'm not under any stress apart from dealing with a toddler - does anyone have any advice other than just being patient and seeing if my period actually does turn up. We would love another baby.....

kinaree - January 5th, 2005 8:54 PM

I don't have any answer for you either, but my last normal period (11/17/04). My cycle is about 30-35 days and last for 5-7 days. I felt bloated and achey in my breast off an on since my last period. I did a preg test around 12/13/04 and it was neg :(. I did not get my period all Dec month and did a test again on 1/01/05 and again it was neg. I felt heavy on my lower ab and little cramp on 01/03/05 but still no period. I had intercourse on 1/04/05 and I was cautious in case I am preg. Then around 2:00 am on 1/05/05 after I urinated I noticed very light pink spot and lots of white discharge. I woke up at around 8:00 am and felt a bit of a cramp and went to urinate and I got some pinkist discharge (My normal is very heavy on 2nd and 3rd day and usually last 5-7 days). I went back to bed to rest and the cramp never really went away. Around noon I had to go to the rest room again and got some drops but not heavy flow. I checked on it again at 4:00 pm and this time I got a clog a size of a dime or smaller, my friend said if it dissolve then it's not a miscarriage as she had a miscarriage before. I wonder if the clog is the what was from my yersterday's action. I don't feel the need to go to the rest room yet but my breast do feel like it's bigger and my tummy is bloated. Anyone experiencing similar symptoms let me know. I am 34 and eager to be preg too.

Amy - January 5th, 2005 9:10 PM

kinaree, I don't think that you are ahving a miscarriage b/c i have had 2 and trust me you would def. know that you were losing a baby. Even though every women is different. I hope that everything works out for you . keep me posted K ...::)

Kinaree - January 6th, 2005 2:06 PM

Amy, thanks for your response! I am glad to hear that you don't think that I am experiencing a miscarriage. Well since 4:00 pm yesterday, I got more then just drops. Specifically, every time a thick glob of a size of a quarter or slightly smaller slide out first then the residual drops (2-5 drops max). it has continued for 4 5 times now. It's my 2nd day if I am having my reg or rather irregualar cycle. If this continues I think my neg tests maybe correct after all :(. One other thing that I had experienced last night was achey pain in my calves. It went away sometime when I was asleep.

Julie - January 7th, 2005 10:01 AM

Well i'm not pregnant, got my period 11 days late. I really felt pregnant so it was wierd that i'm not - guess the tests were right!! Now my cylce is all over the place not sure how to calculate my dates for ovulation. Good luck to everyone.

ton - January 8th, 2005 1:02 PM

my last normal period was 10 no,since then no show,white discharge,two negative hpt,no nausea,slightly blurred vision from time to time,loud bowel noises.i am stressing big time cos i dunno whats going on.does anyone have a clue??

Tayler - January 11th, 2005 8:35 PM

I did have sex and my hormones were high but i did miss a menstrual period for 3 days what am i supposed to do.

nikki - January 12th, 2005 5:55 PM

i kinda know what your going through a little bit, but have no answers for you.
I am 4 days late, did an htp after 3 missed days the one that says you can test after one day missed. i got a neg. still no sign of af. i have had nonstop cramps for 2 weeks. they come and hit hard and then go. and then and go, its driving me insane. i have been very gassy, I AM NEVER GASSY EVER! my breasts hurt, my nipples itch. i cant wear my fav. lacey bra cuz it hurts too bad. i have been moody and emotional, have NO patience. i had a little nausea but not anymore. i have been peeing alot too. (that isnt out of the normal for me.) i am very regular. my first day of last period was dec. 13th. so i should have started on the 9th. is it safe for me to believe the hpt? im not sure what to think about this darn cramping everyday. im 34 and wondering about perimenopause now. does anyone have any ideas?

Awan - January 15th, 2005 7:42 PM

I had my last periods on 11/25/04 and i took clomids this month . I have no symtopms so far but I have not gotten my periods and negative pregnanacy test. my periods are usually 35 to 40 days long.

bee - January 16th, 2005 4:05 PM

I am in the same boat. I have been haveing the same kind of symptoms and all of my hpt's are negative. I have been taking a test almost everyday for two weeks and all negative, it is driving me crazy. At this time, I am feeling very sleepy, cramping, nausaus, and bloated. I am five days late. I wish I new if I was pregnant or not. like someone mentioned, so that i can get back to my regular life.

Shakira - January 17th, 2005 9:05 AM

I'm going though the same thing....let me know too!


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