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Wendy - February 1 9:54am


My period is a week late - I'm usually pretty on schedule, the most maybe about 2 days late. so I bought an ept pregnancy test - the one where there are two windows - one circle and more rectangle and a blue cross in the circle with a line from top to bottom in the rectangle will indicate that I'm pregnancy.
When I took the test, I have a very clear blue line running from top to down and a very faint blue line going across the circle window , and a single line running down in the rectangle.
Is this a positive test? The only reason I ask is because the line running across the circle is very fainted.

Nicole - February 1 2:29pm

Girl Wendy, I just had the same thing happen to me. The line in the rectangle just shows that you did the test right. But the lines in the circle display different than brochure. On the brochure a neg test is horizontal and a positive, of course is up and down and horizontal. Well on my test the solid blue line in vertical and there is a faint line going across. I'm so confused. I'm going to wait another week and try to take a different test. Anyone else had this happen and went to doctor already to confirm?

AshleyB - February 1 7:23pm

The + and - tests are kinda hard to read. BUT, if you have a plus sign, even if the one part of it is faint or lighter, it doesn't matter....That's a positive. Congratulations,, your pregnant. If youare having a hard time with these tests, try one that just has the two vertical lines or the digital ones that say "Pregnant" or "Not pregnant." There is no mistaking those.

Jlin - February 2 1:39am

I took 3 tests tonight AND All 3 came back with the same reading as yours. I wasnt sure what to think myself... my mom told me they were invlid, and my best friend who is a nurse told me it was a positive so I wasnt sure, but I guess now I have my answer. Thanks.

ambrosine - February 2 4:06am

the answer to that is yes congratulaitons....doesnt matter how faint...take another brand just to make sure .....congrats !

Wendy - February 2 9:05am

Thank you everyone for your responses. This will be our first baby! I actually just made an appointment with my doctor for next wednesday. We'll see how that goes!

HannahBaby - February 3 12:55pm

the same thing happened to me with my daughter who is now one. The one line was dark and the other line was barely noticeable...but sure enough i went right to the doctors to take a test and i was pregnant...congrats!!

pa__sion - March 19 8:22pm

If you read the directions it will telll you that it doesn't matter. Which means yes you are pregant i'm in the same dilemma .


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