Anyone Had Negative Tests But Still Pregnant With Periods

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cat - May 7

I haven't had my ultrasound yet-still awaiting date, tests for pregnancy have been negative, is it possible I am pregnant?


Yes!! - May 7

There is a link between negative pregnancy test and periods during pregnancy. When Hcg is not produced, you will still have a period. So your body is not producing enough pregnancy hormones. Low hcg equals negative pregnancy tests........Do you have any pregnancy signs? When did you notice you could be pregnant?


Stephaie - May 21

I am going through the same things and i am in need of an answer!! I have had symptoms of pregnancy but i am on my period and had a negative pregnancy test. I have never had these signs of pregnancy before. Do i need to take another test after my period?


Stephanie - May 21

I am going through the same things and i am in need of an answer!! I have had symptoms of pregnancy but i am on my period and had a negative pregnancy test. I have never had these signs of pregnancy before. Do i need to take another test after my period?


Catherine - May 21

Dear "Yes"- what more do you know about this topic? I'm very interested because I've been going through the same thing. I'd LOVE to hear any more info you have!!! Please write!


kitty - May 23

I haven't had my ultrasound yet-still awaiting date, tests for pregnancy have been negative, is it possible I am pregnant? More info: I started havin abdominal swelling since early february, I have very sensitive nipples-sometimes b___st pain more intensely for a while, I do feel nauseated. also I feel very full & cannot drink or eat comfortably...I am still getting periods which are fairly mucus like. I still have endometriosis symptoms which lessen if i have a little spotting of dark stuff, anybody else have an experience like this? the silly thing is I had gone to see fertility clinic but I have to wait for ultrasound as tests were negative..and I just don't know what is happening?


cherie - May 25

im going through the same thing having neg test but i have all preg symptoms, even my b___st are leaking, i have a faint line going down my belly, but my doctors are not taking me seriously, ive had two isscarriage before, so im worried, because i having sort of periods.


Fina - May 25

Hi all!I'm having the same problem now,before this I have been so worried about missing my period for nearly 9 weeks till now and negative HPTs and yesterday I started bleeding and my abdoment and my tummy hurts a lot.Does this means a miscarriage?Or just a v____al discharge!Have anyone experience this situation before please tells me your experience.Am I still pregnant because I still felt pregnant and continuing having the symptoms!Please share your experience with me...desperate for some answer!


cherie - May 25

i would go to your doctors asap, if it was just discharge it would be blood and if your belly is really hurting somthing is not right, go to your doctors to be on the safe side


cherie - May 25

sorry meant wouldnt be blood


maria - May 25

in early december i took a test just to compare to a friends test because she got a faint clear line and wouldnt believe me thats normal so we knew i wasnt pregnant and i did one to show her but it came up positive as did another the following day, then every one after that negative and i even started spotting which would sometimes last a few weeks but be light. I gave up thinking i could be pregnant when the tests were negative and spotting even though i was tired, would get sore b___sts, felt sick, got heartburn, i put it down to iffy tummy. But last few weeks i can feel something moving, i thought it might be gas but it seems to be getting stronger and doesnt feel so much like gas but i am still getting negative tests.


Sinead - May 25

I still had my periods and was in hospital for a opt to remove a Polyp. Test was negative on the morning of the opt but I was pregnant and lost my baby during the opt. Nobody knew. Has this happend to anybody else?


Fina - May 25

Oh is that so cherie,then I think I'll be going to the doctor tomorrow.Do you still think that I should ask for a blood test to ensure that I've lost my baby if so I'm pregnant?ermm...


andrea - May 28

i was having pregnancy sypmtoms and i went and took a home pregnancy test it was negative i went a took a urine test at the hospital it was negative i had a tubal ligation 7 years ago this september after my last one was born but heard they could come undone on there own had the bands put on anyway i got my period the first lasted 5 days but normally i get really heavy periods have since my tubal and very painful this time it was barely there. well i went to see my doctor she did all the tests found out that my white blood count was a little high thought infection (viral) well its been 22 days since the end of my last period and i just got my period and again no cramping its light but the color is brownis red has anybody had this happen to them and been pregnant? im kind of worried


Melissa - May 29

Please let me know if you find out your pregnant?My period has been messed up for three months.My period came in March for two days I just spotted.I took a test home test it came out neg. I waited another week took another one it came out with a faint line.I took another one the next morning with my first urine and it came out neg. So I called my doc. and had a blood test it came out neg.STill no period in April. So I took another test it came out with a faint line. I took another test this time a digital one and it came out neg. I finally had a period like 40 days after my last period. Then a week later I started spotting again. I have had all the signs of being pregnant I'm even putting on weight. I dont know whats going on. my husband had a vasectomy like 4 years ago but got a hernia down there a couple months ago. I go for a second oppion on the third. I want another baby but I dont know what to do with all these tests. There going back and forth. All I can do is hope they give me a sonogram and find out that I really am pregnant. And the thing is I do take any kind of drugs not even asprin and I also dont drink so why would the couple test come out positive then the rest come out neg. Please help


cherie - May 31

hi fi, yeah i would ask for a blood testr


Mena - June 15

I would like to know if anyone has anything updated on this topic... I havent had a normal period since march 27(and even that one was light and short), and I really feel pregnant. I have had some spotting around the time my period should come, but it only lasts for about 2 days or so, and my b___sts seem to tingle sometimes. I did feel pretty nauseas for a few weeks, but that seems to have pa__sed now. (I only actually threw up once, when I took my brother through the drive thru at wendys, and I smelled all that food. I had drank a little the night before, but I have NEVER thrown up from drinking, not even when I have had way too much, and never had a hangover before that made me even feel slightly nauseous). I seem to be outgrowing my pants, and I have gained almost 10 pounds, but I can still fit into all my clothes, I just have trouble b___toning my pants. I am actually starting to look kinda chubby, but just around my waist.(I have never looked chubby, I normally only weigh 115, and Im up to 123 now, which isnt a whole lot, but I dont gain weight regardless of what I eat.) I have had very vivid dreams, like I did when I got pregnant with my son, and before I really started considering being pregnant, I dreamed I was having twins. As dumb as this sounds, I have had lots of dreams come true, I even dreamed about my little boy and an older little girl before I knew I was pregnant with him... about 8 months later, he was born, and he looked exactly like he did in my dream, and the messed up part was the little girl had a big resemblence to my fiances neice,and I had never even met her at the time. Yesterday and today, my feet started swelling at work (Sometimes I do a lot of standing), and I actually had to prop them up for about 20 minutes or so and last night I woke up at about 4 am and my legs were asleep. I have had a few faint positives and a few negatives on HPT, so I am not sure which ones to beleive. The last one I took has been almost 3 weeks ago, and I decided that I am not wasting anymore money on them and that day I made an appointment with my doctor. It is on the 20th of this month, so this coming Monday. Sometimes I have some very mild cramps in my lower abdomen, and sometimes, I swear i feel like something is moving, but if I get really still to try to feel it, it quits. Im sure that could be chalked up to gas, but to be honest, I dont feel like I normally do when I have gas. I also have a whole more cm than before. Sorry if thats a lot, Im just trying to get everything out that I can think of to see if anyone can help me. Even if no one posts a reply, I am still going to post what happens at the doctor so that ladies can use this for reference if they have any of the same symptoms.



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