Blood Test How Long Does It Take

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sophie - February 8

i just took a blood test(wed.) but i was wondering if anyone knows how long it should take before you get the results. someone please answer my question. thank-you...


IVETTE - February 8



sophie - February 8

thanks ivette. i should be receieving my results today or tommorow.


faith - April 11

I had blood drawn in the ER and doctor said it was normal. I do not know what that means, but it takes 1-2 days to get a pregnancy results than he did not check for hcg levels.


lilly - April 11

hey i posted a question about teens getting a blood test done in the General Pregnancy Question part too. So same question just really lookin for an answer...does it cost $, do you have to have insurense? do you have to be 18 ? need a parent? do any teen or free clinics preform them? any info would be so great!!!!


Lindsey - April 11

Well you can get the blood test results in about 3 hours if the doctor puts "stat" on the request. Meaning they want the results soon. Thats what my doc did both times, unfortunatly it came back negative both times even while I was having a weird period last month, this month I'm 6 days late. But with 2 blood tests last month, and a few days ago I took an hpt, I'm sure I'm not pregnant. But just ask your doctor he can make it so you can get your results that day :)


Michie - August 5

how long does it takes to know you are pregnant and you have irregular periods


rkb - August 5

it took 2 days for my dr. to call me back with mine, but he said sometimes the results are back within a day. It depends on the lab and how quickly your doctor calls.


danielle - September 2

What does stat for a pregnancy test mean?


Urvashi - September 9

how long does the blood test take for pregnancy?when will i get the results back?How long do i have to wait?



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