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mummyofone - November 2 3:31am

My period is late now 9 days. I have milk drops from both br___t (would be my second pregnancy) i have sore br___ts,and many other symptoms. My period is always on time. BUT the tests show negative! Has anyone ever had the same problem? Please tell me!! Can I be anything else that pregnant with LEAKING br___ts?????? :)

tyler0323 - November 2 11:57am

im not sure why you would be leaking now, your not producing milk yet. id go see your doc

mummyofone - November 2 12:22pm

mummyofone - November 2 1:16pm

nbono - November 3 10:17am

Hi, I just wanted to say it's possible you are pregnant.. People say that you don't produce milk early on but thats not true.. When I was pregnant with my daughter 2 weeks after conception my b___bs started leaking milk so I went to the doc and sure enough I was pregnant. It's not common to start that early but depending on how your body handles the pregnancy you could be producing milk and I know for a FACT because I was I wasn't even late at that point.. also My friend was 2 months late negative tests finally at 3 months late a BFP ( + ) they sent her for a ultrasound and sure enough she was 3 months preggo.. so sometimes your body doesn't release enough hcg in early pregnancy.. If you really want to know go to the doc and have blood work done that is more accurate.. good luck hope everything goes good for you =)

deza1 - November 3 4:03pm

Hi, we are on the same boat. I am 7 days late now and I also have milk drops from my b___st. My b___st are a little sore as well. Took 2 tests and both negative but like nbono said sometimes your body doesn't release enough hcg in early pregnancy. I'm keeping my fingers croosed...hoping for a (+). Good Luck

deza1 - November 3 4:04pm

oops...meant keeping my fingers crossed.

mummyofone - November 4 2:57pm

So. I started spotting 2 days ago but it also had stopped that evening. It was really few spots. I was not really concerned because it is very common to bleed in early pregnancy.
Unfortunately, yesterday I had more bleeding (more like brownish clots) together with sharp and heavy pain in my abdomen, we believe(with hubby) that it was a miscarriage. I still don't know, asl I am not bleeding anymore, so it is unlikely to be a period. i appreciate that you have replied to my question, and hope that unlike me yours will be a healthy and happy pregnancy......I will write here and tell what is happening. At the moment I feel that I have lost this "baby"......

deza1 - November 7 4:48pm

Hi again mummyofone, I was 10 days late yesturday but unfortunatley my AF came down to visit last night. Very sad right now, but maybe next time for me. Good luck to you.

Gena - November 8 10:09pm

Actually It's not milk that you leak. You do not get milk until after you have a baby. Colostrum is what it would be. It could be an infection. I wish you ladies the best of luck and hope you all get the BFP's you're wanting.


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