Can A Diuretic Effect A Pregnancy Test

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Nina - May 26

About a month and a half ago, my doctor took me off of blood pressure shot up. She put me on a diuretic. On this past weekend I took 2 different tests that came up positive. Can a diuretic give you a false positive?


Nina - May 26

sorry some words got cut out...I meant to say she took me off of birth control pills because my pressure shot up.


Sharon W - May 26

From what I read on yes a diurectic can cause a pregnancy test to take longer to become positive. From what I read it seems like it delutes the urine or blood causing it to appear negative when it may not be. I hope this helps.


Nina - May 26

Thanks Sharon!
I looked all over that site...can you point me to where you found that info please?


Sharon W - May 26

Theres the direct web page and the paragraph that says what effect diurects have. I hope this helps.
Qualitative Pregnancy Blood test
This blood test may register as negative even though a woman is pregnant if the woman takes diuretic medications, or "fluid pills." These drugs interfere with the test results. In addition, the test does not become positive until at least 7 to 10 days after a woman becomes pregnant. In most cases, by the time a woman misses her period the test will be positive if she is pregnant.


Nina - May 26

Sharon..thank you sooo much. That DOES help!


Sharon W - May 26

You're welcome. I am glad that I could help.


I have the same question - March 30

Ok, here's my story... started retaining fluid in feet and ankles in Dec... went to doc in Jan... she thinks I have too much salt in my diet and she gives me a diuretic (also known as a water pill). I started taking the diuretic in Jan... it was a few days after my period....I had normal periods every month but in Feb didn't get my period... I thought maybe it was just stress... now in Mar... still no period. I took a hpt in Feb, it was negative. I took another hpt 2 weeks ago, it was negative. So I went to the doc and got a blood test, it was negative. I am very bloated and my b___sts are very sensitive and tender... I felt like this in Feb too... but still no period.

I read an article online that said a blood test can be effect by diuretics... it said the test may give you a false negative but you could still be pregnant. Has anyone ever heard this?

I am 31, I've never been on birth control, and my periods have been regular. What could be the problem? Why am I retaing fluid, why am I bloated, and why are my b___sts tender... with no period. It's like I feel the symptoms of my period but it will not come.

When my Mom was pregnant with me... now this was in the 70s so I'm sure the tests are more accurate now... but she went back and forth to the doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with her... they did a pregnancy test in the beginning (I don't know if it was a urine or blood test) but it was negative... so they started doing all these other tests... they couldn't find nothing... finally after 4 months... they did some kind of blood test and it finally showed that she was pregnant with me. Could mean anything to me? But, like I said... that was the 70s, I'm sure technology now is more accurate.

I just can't understand what is wrong with me... it could be cysts, fibroids, endometrious...

I have a gyn appoint in 1 week... my general doc has no clue what is going on... it seems like the diuretics did something... but the doc and everyone else is telling me that water pills does not effect your period.



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