Can I Still Be Pregnant 26 Days Late Symptoms Neg Hpt

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GG28 - January 16

I am 26 days late now. I have very tender, sore br___ts, bloating, headaches, lower back pain, crampy sort of feeling in abdomen, fatigue, nausea, and cravings. I have taken numerous hpt's since my missed period and all of them have been negative. Is it possible that I am pregnant and its just not showing on the hpt's or would I know by now? I have never missed a period before and I have had regular 28 day cycles. Also, I had my yearly with an ultrasound in November to check for cysts, ect. and everything was normal, pap and all tests were good. Any info/advice would be much appreciated!


cellysus - January 17

I'm in the same boat. 3 weeks late and still getting neg pregnancy test.. Have you figured out why your late yet. We've been trying so I hope I'm just a slow hormonally.


mjvdec01 - January 17

Have you had a blood test yet? Ask your OB for a quant_tative hcg. Your symptoms sound promising.


GG28 - January 17

Cellysus- I don't know why I am late. I have never been late before and if I don't get a period by this weekend I will have officially missed two. Have you had a blood test? I haven't yet, they are kind of expensive but I think I want to get one soon. Good Luck to you, let me know how it turns out!


ttc for 9yrs - January 17

Let me know how it goes for y'all. My last AF was 11/27/07. Have taken 3 hpts (all -) of course. I refuse to test more than once a week, and I'll be testing again this weekend. I've pretty much convinced myself I'm not pg, but i won't rest til AF or BFP. Slight symptoms - last week i had a mild headache every day and tons of cervical mucus going on. i keep thinking i've started, but nope just cm (sorry if tmi) My bra was snug today, but that happens before AF too, so who knows? I really hate the waiting game.


GG28 - January 18

I know how you feel. Its sooo frustrating. You hear of so many women that get +ives really late or not at all. I don't want to get my hopes up too high but I have been acting like I am as far as how I eat and not drinking or anything like that. I just hope I find something out soon.


ttc for 9yrs - January 18

cd 55 and counting.... I am testing tomorrow morning (hpt) so we'll see what happens. Today, I feel like I'm getting the flu - headache, backache, fatigue, nausea. But it could just be my period finally starting.


GG28 - January 18

I am going to the doctor later this afternoon so I hope I will find something out soon. Wish me luck!


ttc for 9yrs - January 18

good luck!! Let me know how it goes.


GG28 - January 18

Thanks! Good luck to you too :) Lets hope for a bfp instead of af....let me know what happens!!


ttc for 9yrs - January 19

tested the am..still (-) so I guess I'm not pg this time. Ah well, back to the drawing board. I will test again next Sat just to be 100% then I'll call the DR. Let me know how it turns out for you.


GG28 - January 19

Well I still don't know much more than I did before. Doc said to come back in a week. HCG in blood was neg. maybe it was too early depending on when I ovulated, which is hard to judge since I haven't had a period since Nov. Still waiting I guess....


ttc for 9yrs - January 19

Yeah, the waiting game is no fun at all. My last cycle was Nov 27, so i would a__sume that if I am pg it would show up by now. Like I said, I'll test again next week. At this point, if I'm not pg, I just want AF to show up so I can move on. It's crazy b/c there's still that little voice telling me that maybe the test is wrong still.


GG28 - January 19

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I try not to worry too much about it but that is kind of hard sometimes, ya know?


glo_salazar1980 - January 19

I'm going through the same deal right now. I feel movement now for 1 1/2 and all my HPT are negitive my doc did a blood test and it too was negitive, but I have all the symptoms of being pregnant. I'm nauseated,fatigue,tired,bloating,sore b___sts,frequent urination,white v____al discharge, and I even went and baught the babe sound to see if I hear a heart beat and my fiance and I do hear a heart beat and we can hear something moving in my tummy too! I'm so confussed....I have 3 children so I know what being pregnant feels like, I just wish something would turn up positive soon...Good luck cellysus!!!



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