Can I Test At 7DPO

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impactgal - December 6

Can I test at 7DPO with a home preg test with a sensitivity of 25mIU/mL? I am soooo anxious to see if I am pregnant!
I've had symptoms of a headache, sore nipples for two days, gas, thirsty, and heartburn a little. I know it is super early but I just wanted to see what you all thought.


Becca - December 9

I am in the same boat..heck I was testing 2DPO! :-) But 6 tests later they are all neg. I am due for AF on 14th and asked my Doctor to enter a Serum HCG for the 13th...I guess it all depends, but I don't think there will be enough HCG yet to give you an accurate result. (But trust me I know about being anxious!!:-) Keep me posted!


impactgal - December 9

I am due for AF on that same day!!!! I did another test this morning and it was again a BFN. I am now 9 DPO and it is hard to wait. I don't want to spend the $ on a blood test so I will have to wait.


Becca - December 9

I totally know what you mean. I was 2DPO and went out and bought 6 HPT. I just ordered 20 more online and my Doctor is putting a Blood test in for me...soooo anxious! My DH just laughs at me. What symptoms are you having?


Leah - December 9

My AF should start the 14th as well!! Now I'm five days prior and I don't know if I should wait it out or go ahead and take a test this weekend, I bought some of the sensitive strips off of this web site, what do you gals think, being in the same boat. I too tested 2DPO, silly!!! I should of figured!


Becca - December 9

I bought the same stripes! :-) I think they can test positive as soon as 4 days before AF. It can't hurt to test!:-) But I am a little obsessed at this point. Good luck and let me know how it turns out! What symptoms are you having?


Leah - December 9

Hi Becca,
That's the thing that's driving me nuts, I'm not really having that many symptoms and if they're real I'm not sure if they're my imagination, but from what I have noticed, I'm thirsty all the time!! cramps way before my period, back ache, and horrible headaches, and there were a couple days the week I ovulated where I thought I had the flu, but it never got to the point where I couldn't be productive! lastly, potatoes!! French fries and I don't eat french fries if my life depended on them!! Horrible for your health. The only thing that's discouraging me is that my b___st feel fine!! and I heard that's a pretty good clue!
What's yours???


Becca - December 9

I have Headaches,low back pain,ga__sy, sore b___bs,cramping,ALWAYS tired, ALWAYS hungry, and moody. But I know I want to be pregnant so much it is probably more my mnd than anything. BUT you know you may be too early to have sore b___bs yet. Oh, and the last pregnancy I tested BFN on 17 March and BFP on 22 March with a BLOOD test at the Doctors office, so even they can be false egative, or the HCG just wasn't high enough to count. I know what you mean about the potatoes. That's what I had for lunch!! :-) LMAO


louise - December 9

It makes me feel better to read your responses! My period is not due untip the 11th or 12th of this month, but I am convinced that I am pregnant! My doc did a blood test Mon. which turned out neg. I could not believe it! I have been preg. 2x before, and have had all the symptoms....I HATE having top wait for the hpt!!!!!!!!


Impactgal - December 9

I have had similar symptoms. gas, headache off and on, extremely moody and irritable. I have had a lot of pregnancy symptoms, but everything I have rad said that no symptoms really start until about a week after a missed period. So.... it is all in my mind I guess. I am not sure exactly when I ovulated. I didn't buy an ovulation test kit this month thinking I wouldn't worry about it... now I find it is driving me crazy not knowing exactly. I think it was either the 20, 1st or 2nd. So.. I will just have to keep waking up every morning wondering.....


Becca - December 10

I took another HPT last night...BFN. I know the chart on WEBMD says a HPT won't come up + until SUnday, but I was hoping!! This waiting game kills me!! I can't remember exactly but it seems I always had a BFP even before my AF started in the past. I used a First Response last night...don't know if any of them are any better than the others or not?


LeahP - December 10

Hi Becca!
Yes, I took one too, yesterday!! I can't stand the waiting game! It came up negative, but it was the strips I ordered from this web site and I'm starting to get p__sed at them!! I've just been feeling unusual, now today I feel kind of fluy again, what the hell!!!! When's the next time you'll test, or are you just going to wait for your period! I've heard first response is pretty good, but I've been hearing alot about the digital test, I just don't know if I can bring myself to spend that much and then it possibly come out negative! What a dissappointment that would be. keep in touch, considering we're on the exact same cycles!! But anyway where are you from??


Becca - December 10

Hi Leah! I live in Ohio. :-) I thought First response would be better than the ones I have been taking, but I looked it up and the sensitivity is 100MIU's!! The ones at the dollar store are 25MIU. I don't understnad how they can be the FIRST RESPONSE when they aren't as sensitive as the other tests out there. Haven't gotten my strips in the mail yet, but knowing me I will probably test every day. I could go and have my blood drawn today, but I an worried it may come up BFN because I haven't missed my AF yet. How are you feeling?


Leahp - December 10

Hi Becca, I live in Missouri!! STL! Not too far from ya!! Yea! that's what I heard about the dollar tree tests, as well, I guess I'm going to have to check that out. But if I have my AF this week, no more baby! So as you can see I'm really hoping that I am, so is my dad!! But my husband got cold feet and really scared and said he wanted to back off the idea for a while, so we have this funny joke going on between us, I always say, I still have a chance!!! Of course he's very supportive and has a__sured me that he would be excited, but I think I burned him out on the idea, plus he said he wanted me all to himself for a little while longer! Men can be so selfish sometimes!!
But, I've been feeling alright, this morning I was a little nauseated, and I've been horribly thirsty, craving carbs, headaches, and achyback, and cramps, and lots of rumbling gas, it's horrible because I can't fart!!!! I just keep trying the denial card, so I don't get my hopes up! I mean there can be a possible reason for every one of those symptoms! What about you?


Becca - December 10

Leah, Same exact thing with me. My hubby wouldn't let me look at the test yesterday he said I was jinxing it. :-) He wants another baby REALLY bad too. But A month ago he was the same as your hubby...saying "If you leave me alone about it I might like the idea!" ;-) It's so hard to know anything from these symptoms because like you said they could be caused by any number of include my over-active imagination. lol. I am DYING to go have the blood test done, but I am trying to show some restraint and wait until Monday.I haven't really be nauseated, but I've had heartburn a LOT which has caused me to feel like throwing up. Oh, and the ga__sy thing...much to my DH dismay I am able to let it rip. lol. Can't help it just been so bubbly!I can't wait to find out if you are!! I almost dread Tues. because I know I could see AF and I will be so upset.


Leahp - December 10

Yea! when I can let one rip, give me a lighter, that was my thing in college and frankly it never did gross out a guy, they just dig it!!!
Yep! these men, my theory is that if they're not in control, they tell us, sorry hun!! But then when we back off a little bit and finally get comfortable with the idea they'll say, OK! I'm ready!!
But the whole heartburn thing, I've never experienced.
What number baby is this for you, I noticed in another post you wrote me about a previous pregnancy and that you tested early and got a positive!
This will be our first, plus we're only six months into our marriage so I think that scared my husband, he's enjoying being newlyweds! But the way I see it, we've already been together for four years, let's make babies!!!!! Do you have any advice for a newlywed!???


Becca - December 10

Well, there is NEVER the "perfect" time to have a baby. I don't care what anyone says you are never fully prepared. My husband STILL wouldn't want kids if we hadn't had one by now! But he sees her and is IN LOVE. He can't wait to have another little personality around! I have had three pregnancies and have one living baby girl who is almost three. She's the best kid in the world. (but I am a bit bias.)My advice to you as a newlywed is to just be sure you both WANT a baby. It sounds like he is opened to the idea. Have a talk about it. But just let him know that in ten years he may still feel unprepared. You never KNOW that you are ready until you have one and you MAKE yourself ready. I thought I was until the day we brought her home. I just CRIED my eyes out so scared of the kind of mom I would be, not having any family around to help, but you know what? We've turned out to be pretty good parents. :-)



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