Ept Accu Clear And Answer Hpt S

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connie - December 14


I took an ept +/- and an accu-clear which both measure at a sensitivity of 50 mIu's and they both came out faint positive. The ept started to be faint positive at around 6 min. and the accu-clear showed up at about the 10min. mark. Now, I also took the answer brand that measures at a sensitivity of 25mIu's and it came out negative. These tests used to measure 100mIu's but they changed it to 25, they have done that with a few tests. Anyway, is it possible for the other two to be right and the answer to be wrong. Keeping in mind, I am not due until Friday? I have also taken an accu-clear before when I was pregnant that read positive when I was only at about a 30 hcg level. ( I had a quant_tative serum test done). I've read that these tests tend to show positive and read lower levels of hcg than it says it does (50mIu;s). Any ideas? Thanks!! :)


kira - June 23

i took an accu clear test when i was one week late and it came up with a faint positive but i was indeed preg. I just took another accu clear and the same thing happend, but it's neg on other tests...hmmm...i would say we are preg



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