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daisymaye - March 12 2:34pm

My husband and I are trying to conceive and I am now 6 days late for my period and have had none of my usual signs that AF is on her way. I normally have tender br___ts and severe cramping. I am bloated and have had a few other symptoms that make me believe that pregnancy is a possibility but I have now taken two pregnancy tests and both were negative. How far along was everyone when they got their positive results? And had you gotten negatives prior to the positive? Just curious. Thank you for everyone's help in this!

Kime - March 12 4:11pm

I was only one day late when i tested and got a positive. Me and hubby were trying and i had all of the normal AF symptoms. I had actually told dh that we had failed again bc/ i was sure that i was going to be starting my period. Now i am almost 6 months pregnant with a baby girl. I cant wait until she gets here. I was a little over 4 weeks preggo when i found out....

DownbutnotOUT - March 12 5:55pm

Latest was 14 1/2 weeks earliest was faint faint line 9 dpo and BFP at 11 dpo.

laura4uandme - March 21 2:56pm

Just found out that I am pregnant with my second child. I was two months and 7 days late before I got a positive pregnacy tests. When I got the pregnacy confirmed I was 6 weeks along. This happened with my first pregnacy too. Even thought I took 5 pregnacy tests total before having a positive (when I was a month late and a month in a half late it took that long to get a positive.) A sixth tests was done at the doctor's office and it was negative too, and I was probably two weeks along then. So just because you have a negative doesn't necessary mean that you aren't pregnant. I think I just don't produce enought of the hormone to show up until the baby is farther along. So make sure you still take care of yourself until you have your period. Good luck

Lala - March 21 6:49pm

6 weeks along means you are two weeks late. something isn't adding up there.

cakegirl - March 25 10:06am

Mine showed up positive 3 weeks 5 days after conception (period 11 days overdue). I had symptoms before that, but was in denial so I didn't test till then.

laura4uandme - March 25 3:28pm

To Lala,
I had an ultrasound that showed the baby was 6 weeks along on March 20. So conception was around February 6, my last period began January 11. I had a pregnacy test in the doctor's office on Feb 19 and it was negative. As well as a test near the 1st of March that was negative. 6 weeks along doesn't no necessary mean you are two weeks late, it does if you are going by your missed period, but in my case since we didn't know conception (and weren't sure if I had ovulated late), we did an ultrasound, that shows exactly how far along the baby is based on the babies size. If we went on last period the baby would be like 9 weeks along.

AngelinLuv - March 25 9:12pm



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