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CJsMami92 - October 5th, 2011 12:27 AM

PUNKiE630!!! Omgeeeee I kno how u felt! I had my period in may and june..again in june two weeks later..none in july or august,then sept seventh then again on the twenty started to feel movement way down my belly n my bellys gettin bigger!! I told my bf but he thinks im FN nuts!! Well im goin to the doc thursday n demanding an u really pregnant????

terra_31007 - October 12th, 2011 11:58 AM

well scence sept 20 was the last time I posted on here ive had very irregular periods pregnacy test nagitve and my doctor referd me to a infertility specialist but havent gone case no insurence covers it so I gotta pay ugh I just want to be normal and get pregnant been tryin for a year and lookin up info on how to get pregnant.

clinebrandi - November 21st, 2011 7:47 PM

Hi my name is brandi, i have very irregular periods and all that jazz. me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for almost 4 months now. I have very very very sore boobs, more sore than with my normal period tenderness, and increasing in size slightly everyday. I am constantly tired no matter how much i sleep. I am sick to my stomach almost all day but especially right around bedtime. My period last month came on the 18th and on the 12th the month before that. Today is now the 22nd and still no period. I am sooooo hoping that i am prego that would make me so happy, but im still not sure at this point cause all my HPT's are still showing negative.....can i still be pregnant? If so when should i take the next test i have taken 2 so far? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

vamp91 - November 22nd, 2011 11:25 AM

I totally know what your going through, i have irregular periods and missed in October and still have not gotten it. I took 1 urine test at home and 2 at the docs and all were negative. I've been really tired, more then usual. I am bloated, stomach cramps, headaches, eyes are sensitive to the light and i've noticed i gained a couple pounds. my doc won't give me a blood test because at the beginning of Oct he gave me blood tests for a health check up. but there is no way I would have been pregnant before then, so was it negative because its to early? or am i really not pregnant? my doc decided to send me for a pelvic ultrasound to check but that isn't til december 13th.. I'm not stressing over it, I am actually kind of excited. help? :/

terra_31007 - December 7th, 2011 2:48 AM

wow sure seems lile were all sitting in the same boat I took a clear blue pregnacy test a day before my expected period and it came back pregnant the test say that if u take it a day before ur expected period th test is 95% accurate so I go to c my doctor she gives me a test and comes back negitive so she did another urine test an a blood test the blood test said my hormoan levles are at a 6 so my doctor wants me to come back in a week to do another blood test to c if my hormoan levles go up I really hope I am I had my period on the 4th last month so far this month nothing please let me be pregnant.

mamanunez - December 8th, 2011 6:08 PM

wow so glad i found this site thought i was going crazy but i will start telling some of my story im a mom of three always had irregular periods but when i took the hpts test right after i had missed my supposed period it would come out positive so i am like two weeks late for my period and took 4hpts and one blood test all neg but i feel like im pregnant and me and my husband are ttc our last baby so i guess i will be playing the waiting game and see what happens but baby dust to all i will keep ya posted.

terra_31007 - December 9th, 2011 9:20 PM

well im sure im not pregnant :( last I posted on here was december 7th and my period came on the 8th :( lasted bout 3 days so im asummingim not pregnant im still going to my doctors apt this commin up wednesday I made that apt before I seen this damn period so ill go an c what my doctor wants to do I realy hate this a year later. well I will let u ladies know what happens on wednesday.

xx.Sarah.xx - December 18th, 2011 8:14 PM

hi im sarah. im trying to get pregnant. me and my boyfriend have been trying for over 2 years. i have just turned 20 and my boyfriend is 23. i have irregular periods but i havent had a proper period since september this year. i had very slight spotting in october but that is all i have had and that was only one day of spotting. however the last week or so, i have had really sore boobs and the bottom of my back and belly really hurt. like period pain but not. its a different pain but kind of feels the same if you know what i mean. the bottom of my stomach is really hard too but i have taken 2 pegnancy test and both were negative. just need some help!!!!

terra_31007 - December 20th, 2011 6:44 PM

sarah thanks for a respond to my post and also yhanks to every one else who responds yo my post's if there is and advice I could giveto all you ladies would be stay positive and when makeing love to ur partner have him be on top and u on botton with a pillow under ur butt and when hes done pur ur legs up against the wall for 10 minuites. this is my seconed month trying this so I hope it works for me as we have been trying for a year now. I have also joined moms like me and get great support there. ladies good luck now lets try and get our little angels here on this plant with us :)

babymama07 - February 16th, 2012 4:23 PM

Hello all,
I have been reading the stories on this post and I am a little worried myself. I am 28 and have two children at home but I am experiencing several pregnancy symptoms. I am tired, back hurts, nauseous, sensitive to smells, food cravings and my boobs hurt. Now this would be pregnancy three for me and the 5 HPT I've taken have come back negative. I am currently under a lot of stress and my youngest is just now 13 months so Im thinking that all of the symptoms are somehow related to other life events. My husband of almost 4 years is divorcing me but yet we still have our intimate moments. I am on the pill and my husband does pull out before he cums. Concerned with my symptoms I have found out that if you are sick while on the pill it wont work (vomiting, diarrhea and so on) also if you are on antibiotics the pill is ineffective. I have associated my tiredness with the fact that my youngest is on the move so I am tired from chasing him around. Which causes me to sleep harder in one spot/position causing the back pain. The food cravings not sure how to explain but because Im craving food I eat what's in the house (over eat is more like it) making me sick to my stomach which I think also makes me sensitive to smells. But the boob pain is just crazy. I have also noticed a pain on my left (ovary region) side which I remember having when I was pregnant with my second child. Im so worried because I should be 5 weeks pregnant but Im still not getting any positive tests. I would love to have another child with my husband before he leaves me but I also dont want to have a baby in the middle of an angry/stressful time in my life. Im so scared and I cant stop thinking about it. With my first I didnt get a positive HPT until I was 7 weeks pregnant and later than that with my second. Waiting another 5 weeks to see if Im pregnant is going to make me crazy. Any thoughts???

syeda526 - February 18th, 2012 12:34 PM

hi, i have irregular periods but it usually skips 2-3 days of my 30 days cycle. but my last periods were on january 2 and i am 16 days late. I had hPt done..was neggative.. and i went for a blood test which wasa negative. confused... please help waht should I do...

syeda526 - February 18th, 2012 12:34 PM

hi, i have irregular periods but it usually skips 2-3 days of my 30 days cycle. but my last periods were on january 2 and i am 16 days late. I had hPt done..was neggative.. and i went for a blood test which wasa negative. confused... please help waht should I do...

syeda526 - February 18th, 2012 12:34 PM

hi, i have irregular periods but it usually skips 2-3 days of my 30 days cycle. but my last periods were on january 2 and i am 16 days late. I had hPt done..was neggative.. and i went for a blood test which wasa negative. confused... please help waht should I do...

RoxasH - November 6th, 2012 5:27 PM

I know the feeling. I just went to the doctors yesterday and they made me do a pee test. Apparently they don't do a blood test here for pregnancy, like they did back home, since that was always more accurate. Anyway, they tried to tell me it might have been my thyroid acting up and ran blood tests on that, as well as my kidney's and so on. All came back negative, like I knew they would. I kept trying to tell them that I would know if it was anything else.

My period has been wonky since late June/early July. I've still been getting the cramps and bleeding, but no where near as long or as heavy as I usually did. It's now November. Every hpt I've taken either says negative or doesn't show up at all. I've had all the other pregnancy symptoms, like bigger breasts (2 sizes bigger since June when they've been the same size since i was 16... that's 10 years of not needing new bras gone!), fatigue, nausea, food cravings (currently the salty/sweet combo, of anything!), food aversions, cramps (even when my period isn't going on), spotting between times, being light-headed, forgetting things (I'm usually the one to remind my husband of everything), mood swings, etc. The list really goes on and on.

I looked up what they said might be wrong with me last night. It doesn't explain more than 2 or 3 symptoms I have. Whereas being pregnant would. But their test was apparently very thorough and can never be wrong....

At least that's what they told me.

I'm going to push for an ultrasound when I go to my next appointment, just so I can see that I'm not crazy and am really, actually pregnant. Unfortunately, that's a month away.

Someone tell me I'm not crazy for thinking I am when everything else is telling me that I'm wrong?

rhaella - January 9th, 2013 12:34 PM

ive always had irregular periods every 3 months im due my next round this month or next but ive been feeling and bein sick since last month, tired more often and needing to pee more this has not happened before, could i be preg? should i take a test? or should i wait till im next due? soo confused

LindaFC - January 26th, 2013 12:33 PM

I have not had my period since November 28th ( I am normally irregular, I have a 60 day cycle and then have one for 8 days then have a 30 day cycle and then have one for 4 days then back to the 60 then 30 so on and so forth, I should have had one in December to continue "my normal flow")
I had flu like symptoms all last week, I have been sneezing like crazy for a week now, Massive Heartburn (The only time other then now I have had hertburn was when I was pregnant with my son 6 years ago and I choked on it all day everyday then) light headed and dizzy, constant "knot" like feeling in my throat, a twitching like flutter in my lower abdomen, Extremely tired, Headache everyday, restless legs, cant get comfy, cry over spilled milk, weight gain in my belly, my hair is unusually shinny, acne, and my brests have been slightly swollen very tender with my nipples being slightly darker but the tip of the niples having a white color to them.

I have taken 3 urine tests (1) this morning, (1) 3 days ago in the afternoon, and (1) 2 weeks ago in the afternoon. All have come back negative.

I have been trying for 4 1/2 years (on and off) to get pregnant and I have not had symptoms like this til now. I dont want to go pay for a blood test for atleast 3 more weeks because I am afraid it will come back negative as well. I have had so many heartbreaking disappointments but I feel like "I Know" I am pregnant this time. All of these symptoms started around a week ago.
Any advice or comments???


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