One And A Half Lines What Does That Mean

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Linky - August 2

I did a hometest today (the most expensive one I could find, called U-Test) , and the dark line (negative) only came out halfway! The other line, came out a bit fainter, but quite clear, and went all the way down. So what does that mean? I am so confused!


Buffi R. - August 2

They always say when it comes to the test line, "a line, is a line, is a line," no matter how faint. When you said the dark line was the negative line, I a__sume you meant the control line, or the one that's always supposed to be there whether it's positive or negative. Even if your second line was faint, that means the test most likely picked up some HCG hormone unless you read it too late, then it might be an evaporation line. I'm not sure about the half line, but the second faint line sounds like a positive to me. If you can stand waiting, I'd test again in a few days to see if the lines are any clearer. The positive line should get darker as you get further along. good luck!


AmandaV - August 2

Try testing in the morning or when you have had a full bladder for longer then 4 hours. You should get a better or clearer result.



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