One Faint Positive Two Negative Am I Pregnant

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melgirl - November 22

Hello all I have done three pregnancy tests. Anyones the first one was faint positive and the other two were negative. One negative was taken two hours after the positive. The other one was taken a day later in the morning. I am confused as why this would happen. If I was pregnant I would be like 9-10 weeks pregnant. Why wouldn't at this stage the urine test show positives boldly. I am a little confused. I have had the worst migranes. I haven't had a normal period in 9 weeks. I had a period 9 weeks ago and after that I had a small amount of spotting. I have had a runny and stuffy nose. I feel like I have come down with the flu. I have had really bad nausea and have been vommitting. Lets say I never get sick even if I am nauseous. I haven't vommitted since I was like 5 so this is very odd for me. My tummy hurts not as much pain more of a pressure situation. I went to get blood tests today and I am just waiting on the results. This confuses me so much and I am looking for advice. I just keep thinking I am crazy I can't be pregnant. I mean two of the test were negative. I have never felt like I have been feeling. I can't sleep at night because of cramps in my lower back, but I am really fatigued and extremely tired. Help.


melgirl - November 22

Oh also I forgot to add usually I love chocolate and can't get enough of it but now I can't stand to even see a picture of it. It makes me want to puke. Which is really hard. I really hate waiting for the blood tests.


Plsbaby - November 23

I know what you mean. I have been feeling the same way. Maybe your hormones aren't strong enough happens sometimes wait for your blood test and if that comes out negative test a week later. I mean tomorrow is going to be 2 months since my last menstrual cycle and all my test are negative but u I feel pregnant. Keep me updated...GL and baby dust


melgirl - November 23

If I was pregnant I would be 8-10 weeks pregnant. I haven't had a normal period since 9 weeks. I had some spotting 2 weeks into that 9 weeks. Which means I haven't had any bleeding for 7 weeks which is way late. I am just hoping to get the blood results tommorrow so I can find out what is going on. Either way I wont be disapointed I would just like to figure out what is going on.


melgirl - November 23

Well an update, blood test should be in tommorrow. Had a little spotting. Pin drop amount that seems to come and go but if I wasn't playing close attention I wouldn't even notice it because it is so little. I have lost weight supposedly but for some reason my stomach is getting bigger. I went from a 33 inches to 35 inches. What?? If I am not pregnant my body has some serious issues. I keep thinking I have to be imaging it all there is no way I could be pregnant with negative HPTs.


Plsbaby - November 23

Let me know how ur blood test comes out..I'm cramping bad that I feel like crying


melgirl - November 23

I will. I would say if you are having really bad cramping I would go to the ER. That can be a sign of etopic pregnancy. I have had a little cramping but not much (it feels more like my stomach expanding). I have just had stomach pain as in feeling pressure. I have had the worst heartburn for the past 3 weeks. If I am not pregnant there really has to be something wrong with my body. i have developed a round bump. But then again if I am pregnant I would be like 2 to 3 months pregnant. I hate the waiting and not knowing what is going on. A part of me just thinks I am crazy and I have to be imaging everything I am feeling, but I have heard a lot of women that wont test positive on urine tests till they were really far along or not at all. If my blood test comes up negative I will probably do an ultrasound to see why my belly has grown round considering I have actually lost a little weight.


celticdragon25 - November 24

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and my uring tests are just now showing positives hell my blood tests are still negative. Trust your body.


melgirl - November 24

Well my blood tests came back negative, so now I have no idea why I am feeling the way I am. I still have yet to have a period in 9 weeks. It makes no sense.


melgirl - November 24

So I have a pelvic ultrasound scheduled for this friday. Thank goodness my doctor doesn't treat me like I am crazy and there isn't anything wrong. Suprisingly it doesn't even cost that much, so for those of you that I wondering get an ultrasound done even if you have to self pay to find out what is going on. I will provide an update after my ultrasound.


melgirl - November 26

Celtic Dragon, if your blood test and your urine were negative how do you know you are pregnant. I now know that I have a ovarian/adnexal cyst. They did a ct scan and a physical exam, so if I were pregant it would of shown that. If anyone has trouble getting any test done you can get them done if you don't say you want to be tested to see if you are pregnant. Have them test to see if you have any cysts.


celticdragon25 - November 26

I finally got a positive at the health dept extremely faint on hpt. I have a friend who is agoraphbic. She is currently 14 weeks and had bought a fetal doppler off of ebay for about 60 bucks. It detects the heartbeat and shows the number. It found the heartbeat at 164 bpm. I go monday for ultasound and all that good stuff.


celticdragon25 - November 26

oops that should have read 167 bpm not 164.


celticdragon25 - November 26

oh and if you will check out my profile pic those were the tests i took after the negative blood test.


confusedkc - January 20

So are you prego's?



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