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Lexi2009 - November 11th, 2011 11:09 AM

I'm starting to believe I am going crazy!!! Here is my story.

I'm just turned 34 years old Nov 9, 2011 and have never wanted a child. I stopped using protection some years ago with my boyfriend and I have never had a pregnancy scare. I have always had regular periods every 28 days that are extremely heavy and last for 7 days. September/2011 I noticed that my boobs were getting extremely sore a little sooner than they usually do coming up to my monthly cycle. I got my period Sept 25/2011, but was much lighter and only lasted 3 days, which I thought was strange, but could have something to do with my age. One of the things I continued to notice is that my breasts remains extremely tender. During this time I also started suffering from headaches which I usually do not and also noticed the colouring of my areolas darkening. Thought this was abnormal, but wasn't aware that these can also be signs of early pregnancy as I was not trying to conceive. As the weeks progressed I started to get nauseated and noticed my core tempeture elevated, along with hot spells. Started to think maybe I was pregnant so I did a HPT which came out negative. I was only a week away from expecting my period so decided I would wait and try to test again if I was late. Should have gotten my period Oct 22nd, but didn't so tested twice again over the next couple of days and they also came out negative. Oct 26th is started spotting, not bleeding but spotting which lasted a day and a half then stopped. Decided to go to a clinic specifically for woman expecting they are pregnant because I called prior to going and asked if they just used regular HPT tests and they stated they didn't they got theirs from the hospital. They had me do a urine test which came out positive. I was so astounded that she said she would even do another one just to confirm. This one came out negative using the same urine sample so they did a third and it also came out positive. I seen the results with my own eyes. Made an appointment with my doctors office for a prenatal exam and advised me they could only get see me in 2 weeks time, which I was alright with. During these 2 weeks I started throwing up on a daily basis, getting indigestion from the likes of water, lower back pains, and constipation. So never question that I wasn't pregnant as I have all the signs and symptoms. Until I went for my appointment the other day. The urine test in the office came back negative, but my doctor proceeded with my pelvic exam anyhow and stated the my uterus is definitely enlarged, but because my uterus is situated deep into my back that she couldn't determine how enlarged. She was confident I was pregnant and ordered a blood test for me saying that will tell us because it is 100% positive. Her office called me at home last night to tell me the test came out negative so I'm not pregnant and just to contact them again if I still don't get my period next cycle. I hung up the phone in shock and bewilderment because I have every sign and symptom of pregnancy and also a harding in my adomen along with cramping, but not severe that has been going on for weeks. I have never been pregnant and have never wanted to be so I just can't beleive all these symptoms are in my head. Can anybody positively confirm for me that your blood test can come back negative?


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