Single VERTICAL Line On Ept

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Confused - December 14

In the circle window that is supposed to show a + or a - I am getting a |
I've taken it twice and gotten this reading. If there's a single line does that mean it's negative, regardless of whether it's horizontal or vertical???


connie - December 15

Hmmmm... that is odd. First let me ask you this: Are you taking the ept with pink lines or the new one that gives you blue lines a plus or minus result? I know you said plus or minus, but it is really odd for two tests to be that defective and not show up the horizontal line to make up the plus or minus.


Kirk - January 9

I think the test is poor. My wife appears to be pregnant and so she took the test and got the same result you describe. A very strong vertical line. Took it again with the same result. There is a very faint horizontal line, but it is nearly invisible. So to resolve the problem (we had a three tests for the price of two box), I took the test and ended up with just the faint horizontal line. I think if we buy another pregnancy test it will not be this one. That horizontal line was pretty faint. We probably bought the same batch you did.


Confused too - March 15

I got the same result, too. Very strong vertical line on both windows but no horizontal line. What does this mean? I got the another testing kit, so I will try next week.


Confused??? - August 10

So did you Connie, Kirk or Confused too figure out whether you were pregnant??? the test is aweful i must say. i feel more confused now than i did before i (actually my wife) took the test. What should we do????



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