Was Pregnant But Had Negative Tests Ladies Please Share

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tjade0705 - August 11

I am so confused about my pregnancy right now. I had breast cancer and finished chemo Jan 2016. I was on hormone therapy that shuts down my ovaries. I haven't done that since May 2017. I haven't had AF since before I got pregnant with my son in 2008, got an IUD, however, 7/17/17 I did have a light cycle for 5 days. After all of my medical issues I felt my chances we slim to none of having another child. My breasts became so sore, I was always so tired, moody, etc. I knew something wasn't right so I took a hpt and it was positive. I went straight to the Dr and the test the nurse gave me came back negative as she said. I seen the same test in Walmart for $.88. I mentioned to her the faint positive on her test but she didn't see it. In all, I took 7 hpt between 8/9/17 & 8/11/17 all positive. I don't know what to think. I have an appointment on the 28th. It would be wonderful to know I could be pregnant. 


masrt208 - September 24

Hi, I have a question would you be able to help me. I'm about a month and a half late and I've done countless of home pregnancy test dollar store ones and I've had a blood pregnancy test too and they've all come out negative. Ive been having so many symptoms nausea, bloating, headaches, light headed/dizziness and they haven't gone away. If any one can give me some input on it that'll be great. Thanks!


Cshel - October 25

Hi there I feel like in the same boat. I Od on the 29th of September according to OPKs. I was supposed to get af on the 15th of October. I spotted for a day and a half. October 18 & 19th. Since September 30th I have been feeling crampy in my lower abdominal and tired. Now my symptoms have progressed to indigestion, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, senstive nipples, breasts have gotten bigger, extreme bloating, cramping in the lower abdomen. Negative frer (I have take about 10 through out this process) 2 negative blood tests, all labs are normal and I was even test for a stomach ulcer because of the pertistant nausea and indigestion (also negative). My Dr said it sounds like im pregnant by my symptoms. My next step is an pelvic ultrasound to rule out anything else. Hoping to schedule that next week. Any one else having similar issues? I feel like im going crazy. I thought maybe this was all in my head and tried to shrug it off for the last several week but I have had to call out sick a few times so I figured its not just me. My husband had to force me to go in for a check up didnt want to be dissapointed all over again. Another thing that I thought was odd is that I was checking my ovulation after my funky bleeding and it came up as peak fertility 5 days after my missed period but still having negative frer and blood tests.


Smbradford - November 23

Hello ladies! So these are my symptoms: dizziness and headaches,sometimes feeling dizzy and sick at the same time,extreme gas,on and off tender breasts,and my period was a couple weeks ago but was very light,brown,and only last 4 days with minimal cramping,which is the complete opposite of my normal period. Several negative pregnancy tests and urine test from Dr and I feel like I'm going crazy. However,I still feel that I'm pregnant!!! My soon-to-be ex-Dr. Told me not to believe yall as far as women being pregnant though their blood and urine don't show it. How did y'all get an ultrasound done without being referred???


Michi39 - December 13

Hi there. I’m over 10 weeks late. I’ve tested negative on all my tests. I have many pregnancy symptoms but every test says negative and it’s driving me nuts. Last night I took a first response hpt and got a very very faint thin blue line. I wasn’t convinced so i pulled the test apart to take a better look. Now I’m not sure if it’s an indentation of where the positive line should be or if it’s actually a faint very faint positive. So this morning I took a clear blue digital test which read “not pregnant”. I’m frustrated to say the least. What should I do? 


Claire2712 - January 11

I’m having the same problem my last period was 1st Nov I have so 3 test which 2 were neg and I’m not sure if the other one was neg or Positve as it was really really faint. My boobs feel bigger nipples darker, feeling sick and headaches, and now I’m getting a weird aching stretching sensation in my lower belly, I have no appetite and when I do eat or drink I have no taste and I feel bloated/ belly feels larger any help or advise please. I am trying to get into Doctors for a blood test


Claire2712 - January 12




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