Anyone Over 40 And Obese TTC

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April - January 18

I'm 43 and childless. I can't bear the thought of not having a baby. I haven't actually been trying yet because I have just recently gotten involved in a serious relationship. Another problem, my doctor gave me such a hard time about my weight last time I saw him that I don't know how he will react if I ask him for fertility drugs. I don't know what my chances would be trying to conceive naturally, but from what I hear it doesn't sound good. Any advice?


michelleb - January 23

How much overweight are you? I know it's definitely healthier to be closer to a healthy weight. But I myself just got pregnant before being able to lose weight from my first baby. Which is sad cause she's 15 months old. It's tough. Anyway, I am worried myself about being pregnant now while 40 + heavier than my 1st pregnancy. I haven't talked to a dr yet. Let us know what he says... but definitely if it's possible, try to have a child. It's the best thing ever! And although she's had problems, my sister was way way overweight when she had her 2nd child. Good luck!


michelleb - January 23

Oh, and I'm not quite 40, but getting closer.. I'll be 37 in 3 months.


H - January 24

Check out this website about plus size pregnancy. It is good.



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