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annabanana - June 27

i am five month pregnant and was wondering is it okay to bend down and pick something up from the floor that i have dropped. lolllllll sorry but i was told its very bad to bend stomach.


christa0120 - June 27

yes it is fine...you wont wrap the umbilical cord around babies neck or pull the placenta away from the uterine wall. If you can physically do something without pain or putting yourself ina compromising position...you are FINE! I am also 5 months pregnany and still hoist up my 60 pound 6 year old, I change the 5 gallon water gallons at home and at work. Pregnancy is a great excuse to not do things but the fact is, you can do whatever you are physically able to do.


CaliTrish - June 28

It's best for you to bend at the knees to avoid straining your back, but you're not going to squish your baby. It might get more difficult to bend at the waist as you get further along, but you're not going to hurt your baby.


ibk8t - June 28

Absolutely.....you will hurt yourself before you ever hurt the baby.....just watch you don't wipe out....


Perl - June 28

Doing stomach crunches or sit-ups as exercise is bad but I'm sure an occasional bend to pick something up won't do any harm. I'm in my 20th week and I still bend over and lift weights a few times a week at the gym. Watch that you don't lose balance but you should be okay. Never do anything that causes any pain. Bending over (watching your posture) actually is a good stretch on the lower back. Also, making it more of a squat than a bend could be a good stretch for your thighs.


annabanana - June 28

thanks a lot for your answers


Been There - June 28

Mostly, I think bending over like that can make you a little lightheaded or dizzy. Plus, you'll figure out soon enough if you can or cannot bend down to pick something up. The best way, pregnant or not, is always to bend at the knees and squat.


venus_in_scorpio - June 29

yep its fune... dont lift anything if you have sciatica though. I learned that the heard way... :o(



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