Pregnant To Younger Man

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sweetnurse - March 1

I love that Nicole!  Have as many babies with your husband as possible.  I told mine that I'd never use birth control with him and he was thrilled about it.


Leah Michelle - March 6

Hi ladies.Its Leah.We just confirmed that I am pregnant.My sons are supportive.Bf is over the moon.I hope it's a girl.


nicole lee - March 6

Beautiful Leah!This is why all older women must marry young guys.They can easily get us pregnant.I hope more mature women marry and get pregnant by young guys.


sweetnurse - March 6

Awesome Leah!  I am so happy for you!  You are so right Nicole.  Nothing is more gratifying than getting pregnant by a young man who can't get enough of you.  I do hope as well that more older women who want kids get with younger men and make it happen.


Catherine kat - March 7

Well said Deborah.Yes more mature ladies should marry young men.I am going to marry my nephew's best friend.I think Leah is an inspiration for dating and getting pregnant by a guy younger than her son.These young guys can easily get us older women pregnant.


sweetnurse - March 7

I agree Catherine.  Congrats on marrying you nephew's best friend.  I started dating my son's best friend older brother when he was 22 and we got married when he was 24.  We hit the jackpot with them.  Not only do they have incredible libidos, but their youth and virility makes them ideal for getting us pregnant.  Leah is surely an inspiration by getting pregnant by a man younger than her son.  I'll have as many babies by my husband as possible


Leah Michelle - March 8

Thanks Deborah.My older son is not happy at all with my pregnancy.He really seems angry that I am pregnant by a guy younger than him.How do I resolve the issue with him?


Leah Michelle - March 8

My son thought I was too old to get pregnant I think.


sweetnurse - March 8

You're welcome Leah.  Only thing you can do is focus on yourself primarily and do your best to have a healthy pregnancy.  Of course, you still be the loving mom to your son as always.  He'll have to work out his anger over time on his own because there is nothing you can do to make him understand why you love your young man and decided to get pregnant by him or why it's so wonderful that you two love each other and are happy that you're pregnant..  He is probably upset that you got pregnant at your age, but it's your life


Leah Michelle - March 8

No Deborah He has told me he feels embarrassed that I am pregnant by a guy younger than him.Honestly can I blame him?But I just want everything to go smoothly


sweetnurse - March 8

No you can't blame him.  His reaction is understandable.  My husband's mother and I were acquaintences even though we weren't close friends.  Things haven't been the same since I married her son and got pregnant by him the first time.  What has happened between us and our younger men is a special and unique thing.  I myself am still wrapping my head around what has happened with me and my hubby.  I just know it feels right.  What matters most now is the health of you and your baby.  I hope the stress you are feeling over this doesn't impact you and the baby too much.


nicole lee - March 8

Hi Leah.Tell your son How much in love you are with your younger man.Tell him you'll always be his mom,even if your bf is younger than him.Many older women date younger men these days.His mother is an inspiration.It shouldn't matter that you're pregnant by a guy younger than him


sweetnurse - March 22

I hope all you ladies are doing well with your pregnancies!



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