Signs Of Pregnancy Over 40

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babySD - January 3


I'm 43 y.o and have kids age 21 and 16. I was in Nuvaring till last month and I had my period on Dec 2, but it hasn't come yet this month. My husband were protection some times, some others he was just careful (withdraw).

I've been feeling queasy and don't know if the signs of pregnancy over 40 are the same as when we are young. Reason why I'm posting in this topic.

What do you think? If you are/were over 40 when you got pregnant, what were your signs? How long until you took the test?

Thank you


babySD - January 3

correction: my husband wore protection=)


Kristin72 - January 3

Hi I am not sure if the signs are different but they can be different from pergnancy to pregnancy and from person to person. If you are very in tune with your body we tend to be in our 40's we notice even subtle changes. Alleviate your worries and take a home test..or go to a walk in and get a blood test that will confirm all worries. I too felt like I was have pregnancy symptoms..or just weird feeling in my abdomin but took a test and it was negative. We also widthdrew this month so I thought there is no way. I am due to get my af in 4-5 days so the pregnancy test could have been to early or I could just be feeling a bit off. I just turned 40 and have a just turned 1 year old. I recently also had an ectopic in early Sept and I have tests set up for January (a sonhystergram) I will then actively ttc if all is a go. Take care and update when you have done a test!!


Kristin72 - January 3

p.s. sorry for the typos's I am rushing my typing as my lo is awakening from a nap.


babySD - January 4

Hi Kristin72 and thank you for answering. I also type bad when I type fast, no worries.

I called my doctor today, but he is on vacation, and I didn't want to leave a msg. I'll get a home test tomorrow, if nothing happens. Obviously, I didn't get my period yet.

The reason I ask about the symptoms is that I'm so close to menopause that I'm not sure if the symptoms would be similar.

I didn't have morning sickness on my last prergnancies, but I was so young, that's I don't know if it makes a difference.

We were not ttc and my husband says that I'm not pregnant, but if I am, it's a baby conceived with love. Of course it is, but totally unexpected. I'm lost.

I'll post here whatever happens. Btw, do you recommend any particular home test? I've been reading the Pregnancy Test forum and it seems they fail a lot.

Keep me posted too!

Take care and thanks again!


Kristin72 - January 4

I wouldn't say at 43 you are not really approaching menopause..but thenagain maybe you have had some symptoms that indicate that. However, If you have missed you period I would get the "first response" dual pack. There are two you can repeat the test in a couple of days if you are still not sure. The first response brand has a window that says "pregnant" or " not pregnant" For me every time I take the tests with the lines I keep reading and reading over and over to see if it is truly pos or neg and I end up re-reading the instructions too..I have done this several times with my pegnancies. Anyway, truly, if you have hcg in your blood any test will and should show that unless you are very early on. The first response brand is a little more senstive to get the hcg earlier than some other tests. You could also get back up cheapo tests (no brand in particular) but why waste the money. The only way to know for 100% sure is to get a blood test. Go to a walk in clinic you can get the test done immediately. I too am stilll feeling odd feelings in my abdomin..I am weary I may have tested to early..but then again..the pregnancy this month is highly unlikely (I think ;) ) Anyway, let me know..and if you are anything like me you'd have to know asap!! Good Luck to you whatever happens..and 43 is not too old!!


babySD - January 4

Hi Kristin! Thank you again for answering and Ihope all is well with you. COngrats for your 1 y.o. baby=)

I followed your advice and went to get First Response, but the store close just had the ones with +/- signs. I bought a ClearBlue Digital, instead, just one in the box. I'll wait untill tomorrow morning as I naturally drink too much water and tea during the day and night. I've also have beentrouble sleeping, so I hope my few hours of sleep are enough to give me an accurate result tomorrow.

Yes, I'm just like you, I want to know for sure and ASAP what's going on, but I've been commuting to work and had no walk in place a walking distance that I could go to, so I'll have to do with the hpt.

Right now I'm too sensitive to the possibility, what would my "kids" say? And a lot of more questions. I even cried tonight, but again, I'm always sensitive close to my tmo,'s probably just hormones kicking to get af here, but I'll know tomorrow. I'll let you know.

I want you to know that just the fact that you answered me, makes me feel like crying. It is very nice of you. Thank you! It's good to be able to share what I'm feeling with someone who understands.

I wish you luck in your sonhystergram=) Please be welcome to keep me posted and share, if you feel like.

Take care


babySD - January 6

Update: Kristin, I did ClearBlue Digital in the morning and got a BFN. AF hasn't come yet, so I'll wait a week and if there's still nothing, I'll test again. I still feel many symptoms though.

Let us know when you have news!!

Take care



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