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Lexie77 - November 14

Hello All. I'm new to this site, and am very glad I found it. I'm scheduled for a myomectomy on November 26th, and naturally very nervous about having surgery. But it's very inspirational to read your postings. I'm now over 40, and apparently have one obvious fibroid that's about 6 cm, right in the wall of my uterus. It's not that big, but it must have some pretty jagged teeth considering the 2 weeks of incredible pain it gives me every month. My doctor suggested I have a myomectomy if I still want to try and conceive, but said that I should aim to get pregnant before age 44, put it nicely...after that the eggs are pretty-much fried and you have to resort to other methods etc. But my main concern is the surgery itself. Does anyone know how high a risk factor it is, that myomectomies can turn into hysterectomies? And is heavy blood loss a common factor? Lexie


Boston - January 26

Hello everyone, i pray all is well. I just wanted to share my story about fibroids and pregnancy and hope to add some ease to many minds. I am 34 years of age and has had small fibroids for many years and was always told if they are not bothersome they wont oppose a problem so i never thought anything of it. i have 11yr old daughter ive newly married for almost 4 yrs and we wanted to start our own family we tried for two years with no success and finally i saw a fertility specialist who went thru different courses of clomid to try and conceive nothing worked. i had ultrasounds that showed i had fibroids but nothing looked like anything to be concerned i was told they really couldnt tell if i had a huge fibroid or clusters of fibroids even though my uterus was enlarged. anyway i finally started to do some research as what to do cause we were just worn out and hopeless. in sept. o 2007 i decided to have a abdominal myomectomy which was to be the best option for me seeming i wanted to still have children, i had the myomectomy on december 18th and come to find out i had clusters of fibroids the biggest one size of a grapefruit and 57 others removed so 58 in total it was a three hour sugery and unbelievable it was not as bad as i thought my fertility doctor who specializes in fibroids did my surgery along with other great doctors and i am now 6wks post opt and considering the depth of the surgery doing well i have my up and down days. my incision looks great hardly noticeable was made right along pubic area. i still have little trouble coming out of bed but for the most part im walking i get tired fast still i lost about 10 pds from the procedure which helped. We know the uterus is a muscle so im still sore in that area little swelling most of it went down after 3 weeks and it still hurts to sneeze or cough ouch but not nearly as much as after the surgery but i still have to hold my stomach when i do. i was told in 4 months after my ck up to make sure my tubes are open and ovaries are ok i can start trying to conceive yeah i am so looking forward to that moment. so for now im still taking it easy light walking not sitting to long cause u get stiff fast and i am able with the comfort of a body pillow to sleep on either of my sides and even my stomach at times but not for long periods of time. ladies it was well worth it i feel much lighter i had my first menstrual was not too bad pa__sed some clots heavy for maybe two days lasted five days which is normal for me and i ovulated on time that was pain i must say. Well ladies i hope sharing my story will embrace u encourage u and to look for a brighter future.


Boston - January 26

oh to answer the question of blood loss, it depends on the nature of your health if diabetes or anything else plays a factor. usually if the doctor thinks u may have a great blood loss they will discuss with you or u can have your own blood drawn in case u need a blood transfusion. hope this has helped and good luck on the surgery dont worry god did not give us a heart of fear.



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