Tryingx3 Hope Your Pregnancy Is Going Well I Was Wondering

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in the woods - March 8

tryingx3, hope your pregnancy is going well. I was wondering if your Grave's has subsided now , while pregnant, and if you are taking same amount of meds as before pg or less. I'm (hopefully) planning another pregnancy and seeing you going for it makes me more assured.


tryingx3 - March 13

Here I am! Thank you so much for asking!! Yes, pregnancy seems to be going awesome! I hit 12 weeks this weekend, had an ultrasound Friday and had arms and legs...woo hoo! :-) Grave's disease doesn't seem to be any better according to blood work but my TSH did go up a bit with the PTU (still below normal, .101). My free T4 dropped some, so my high-risk OB wants to monitor that every 2 weeks, doesn't want it to get any lower. The endocrinologist seemed pleased with where the numbers were. I still really don't have any SIGNIFICANT symptoms of Grave's that I am aware of. I do feel less anxious now that I am on the PTU. I have trouble sleeping off and on....thought that was getting better until last night! :-)


tryingx3 - March 13

As for meds...I took nothing before PG, had not been diagnosed with Graves until PG. Due to low progesterone, I have been on 200mg of Progesterone, 2x daily (suppositories - yick), but no side effects like Prometrium (yeah!) , 50 mg of PTU 2x a day, Prenatal vitamin, 1 baby aspirin a day (81 mg) and an addtional 3 mg of folic acid (due to MTHFR factor found in blood). I can stop the progesterone now that we have made it to 12 weeks. I wish you all the best. We are so excited to have finally gotten to this point...and are praying things continue to go well. They did say that Graves disease is also a__sociated with Pre-term labor and pre-eclampsia, so at 6 weeks they gave us a goal of 36 weeks for this pregnancy!


in the woods - March 13

12 weeks already! Woo hoo! With all the hormonal changes during pregnancy, they were able to diagnose you! - seems that you are in good hands. Did they a__sign you high-risk OB because of Grave's or combination Grave's/AMA? Fantastic that you don't have any signs of Grave's. I have a bit of affected eyes (swollen lids), and am not sure how a pregnancy would affect that - that's my main concern, I am sure the rest - FTs and TSH - are manageable. Please keep in touch and best wishes with your pregnancy!!!


in the woods - March 13

Why they don't want FT4 go lower? How high it was when diagnosed?


tryingx3 - March 14

After 2nd miscarriage last July, they did a BUNCH of blood work and found my TSH was .005 or something like that, but my T4 and T3 were normal. We started doing repeat blood work, but my General Pract_tioner didn't know what to do and didn't diagnose Graves. She kept saying maybe those numbers were "normal" for me! I didn't know any better! So...we tried again, got pg. I started reading more and requested the test for the antibodies and it came back positive. By this point my OB was sending stuff to an high-risk OB and she started sending it to an endocrinologist. We had met with a high-risk OB in the fall and he didn't seem concerned with the thyroid number at that time either! Our first m/c was partial molar, 2nd m/c extra 15 chromosome, so neither were necessarily related to thyroid.


tryingx3 - March 14

I think my FT4 was 1.76 and is now 1.01 or something like that. I don't know why she didn't want it any lower, but 1.01 is on the low side of normal. Maybe she is afraid it will drop too fast and if we don't monitor it closely, we won't know until it has fallen into "low"?? I have another appointment with endocrinologist and OB (with ultrasound) at 16 weeks. You have a child now, right? How old is she/he?


in the woods - March 15

Good for you that you requested antibodies test. Was it TSI or Anti-TPO? Are you in USA? Here in Canada it's HARD to get a TSI test done. Grrrr. They just don't do it. Though I think with a lot of pushing it's possible. My Anti-TPO test is normal, but those are not Graves antibodies anyway. There's so many complaints on the net about endos (jerks, snobs) and now I'm feeling that, too - am in the process of changing one. He left me hanging in the air since I last saw him on Jan 26 (first and last time since RAI in Dec.2005). After RAI, thyroid levels have to be closely monitored, every 4-6 weeks, because one can get hypo quick, or return to the hyper state. Anyway, I started feeling hyper again in Feb (rapid heartbeat, hand tremors, my second lid started swelling, it was OK before). Left messages for him on Mar 1st and 2nd - nothing. Called emergency endo on Mar 8th - got a fellow doctor who took care of me. My endo was going to schedule to see me sometime in April - that's 3 months between labs!!! Instead of 4-6 weeks. Now the Endocrinology Division Chief is looking in his conduct and maybe I will get someone who's more conscientious. Anyway, sorry for venting. With normal FT levels it's harder to diagnose, yes, especially if you can't take redioactive iodine test since you are pregnant. My FTs levels were high at the onset so with all the other tests - U-test, thyroid scan - I was diagnosed pretty straightforward. I have 2 kids - 2 1/2 years old and 1 year old. So I can't complain, I know. I am 42, how old are you? It's just I always wanted at least one more - if I'd met my husband earlier, I'd have 5 kids!!! :-) Do you have older kids? How long have you been trying When I was pregnant with both of them, I already felt special attention from the med staff - ultrasounds, lots of check ups, amnios - lots of a__surance, as I'm sure you'll get, too, to ease your mind. Inducing at 36 weeks is OK, I'm sure you'll be getting tired by then anyways :-) Last pregnancy, I was ready to give birth at 34 weeks - felt fatiqued (now thinking back it could have been low-ish thyroid). Was induced at 39 weeks though. My daughter has a slight fever today, so I have to go read her a book, to distract her. Talk to you soon.


tryingx3 - March 16 make me feel so lucky to have found a good endo right off...of course, I have to drive over 3 hours to get to him! Yes, I am in US. I think it was the TRAb: TSH receptor antibodies, but to be honest not sure. The girl in the blood lab (at my OB's office) and I just looked through the Thyroid tests available and found the one that said antibodies a__sociated with Graves! Talk about self-diagnosis! There is only one endo in our area and everyone says he is a quack! I hear we are getting another one soon...hope they are related! I have been trying since Jan. 04, 2 miscarrages over the last 2 years, no children. I am 35, soon to be 36, met my wonderful husband late too! We have been married just over 4 years, never anticipated taking this long to have baby. Had another visit today, heard heartbeat of 144 with doppler today. BOY??? Who knows! I guess we will know soon enough.


tryingx3 - March 16

Oh...and I meant "NOT" related...regarding the docs.


in the woods - March 18

Yes, it's very well may be that your miscarriages weren't thyroid related. Apparently, I had a mild thyroid problems for at least 10 years (I remember my eyes being dry for that period of time), but nevetheless had two successful pregnancies. You must be very happy now - and dying to know who it's going to be! Let me know how it goes at 16 weeks, and who it is...



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