Wanting To Get Pregnant At 46

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kelly007 - September 11

I am 46 in good health, and recently married for my first time. I was told to begin taking prenatal pills, and have been doing so for approximately a month and a half. I seem to be gaing weight, has anyone experienced weight gain with prenatal pills. Does anyone have any advice to share regarding getting pregnate at 46? I wish to have 1 child, and hope to have a healthy one. I would like for others to share with me, so please respond.


docbytch - September 12

Kelly...here is one question to help you gain an indicator for your likelihood of success: Have you attempted getting pregnant in the past? Or have you been using BC? Answering those qs will give you an indication of what your index fertility might be. As you know, fertility declines with age....but the trajectory of that decline differs with every woman. There really are quite a number of women out there who are able to conceive naturally well past the age of 40. If you have been diligent in your measures NOT to become pregnant up until now....it stands to reason that your chances may still be okay. How old was your mom at menopause? Are your periods still regular? Also...realize that if you seek fertility counseling with an MD they may likely tell you to become pregnant using a donor woman's eggs. Your age is past the cutoff at which they would work with you becoming pregnant using your own eggs. Of course, this does not mean your eggs are all bad now either. Find out what your family history is as far as maternal ages at birth. In the meantime...keep up the good health habits and perhaps get one of those ovulation predictor kits to find out when you ovulate. There is a chance you can do this naturally so don't give up. Watch out for those who might say discouraging things to you about your age though. It's unfortunate but true. Good luck! If it helps at all....my spouse and I are both 40. He had a vasectomy reversal so we could try for one child together last year (he has an 11 and 14 yo...I have a 21yo). The surgery worked wonderfully and I am 4 weeks from my EDD with a healthy baby boy. Geena Davis got pregnant at 47! Naturally I think. Good luck!


lovemy3 - September 12

Never heard of weight gain with prenatals. maybe its because you are eating better than before and therefore more calories. Good luck!


wantanotheraftertr - September 14

I would start taking folic acid as well this helps with nurel tube defects which after 35 we are higher risk for. Good luck and hope you concieve soon.!


H and M - September 16

Hi Kelly: My wife and I are in a similar situation, having wed a little over 2 years ago and attempting to have a baby (first child for both of us). My wife is now approaching 43 and we are currently placing our hopes in traditional Chinese practices. We had tried naturally for over a year when my wife's cycle shortened from a consistent 28 days down to 26. We then registered for an IVF program and tried Clomid during a 2 month waiting period. After the first week of IVF injections we had to stop because of insufficient follicle development and settled for IUI which failed to connect. We were not offered much future hope other than another IVF attempt with stronger medication or with donor eggs. Despite unease about the potent drugs, we conceded to try another IVF session after my wife's body recovered from the first medication. During that time, we sought counsel from a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who put both my wife and I on herbal brews. Within a month, my wife had ovulated as a 28 day cycle and we immediately conceived. We were convinced that the TCM had aided our success but unfortunately, we had a miscarriage at the 6th week. At risk of pa__sing the age of acceptance for another IVF attempt, we have committed to try the TCM again (with continued prenatals). We appreciate the fact that all our TCM is solely from natural plants and herbs, and we believe in the principles of bodily Yin and Yang which may sometimes need balancing within both partners. Therefore, this may be an alternative for some people, but the medicine tastes awful, moderate costs do build up, and there may not be qualified pract_tioners within reasonable access. Another possible aid which we have not tried is acupuncture. One of my previous work colleagues was trying naturally for her second, as a mature mother, for over 4 years. As a last hope, she tried an acupuncture treatment and within 2 months, successfully conceived and went on to deliver a healthy baby. Anyways, whatever your direction, never underestimate the natural abilities within your own body, and never give up on this miracle called life (we certainly haven't). Wishing You Luck!


Kristin72 - September 20

Our friends just became pregnant at 46 via invitro..things are going very well with her pregnancy. So it is possible..with a little help..also it is very possible without help but slow monitoring of your gyno. Good Luck


babykiss - January 5

Hi, H&M that was a beautiful post. Hope you come back and update us!


leeabroad - February 8

H & M, I so enjoyed reading your post which almost morrors mine. I am very new to this forum & I am 43, DH 45 with many attempts at IVF and one natural pregnancy 2 years ago amidst all the medical witccraft - which failed at week 11. My cycle also is a 28 day but recently reduced to a 26 ish ( not sure why) Currrently trying acupuncture for the 1st time to try to regulate and bring balance into my inner self. Trying desperateley to keep up hope but feel this is my last year of anything natural & my husband & I have no faith left in IVF or more pennies to throw at it... I know heaps about cheap fertility treatment abroad if anyone really needs this advise...but now appreciate that natural methods are probably an option I didnt recognise when UK doctors filled us with dread at trying to concieve after 40,. Been trying to concieve for 2.5 years now and would dearly love my efforts to be rewarded with our own bundle of joy. Trying to do lots fo yoga, chill out, and will let you know how my accupuncture goes. Praying Hoping & wishing....


cinders46 - February 21

hi there i am also 46 and trying for a baby i had a baby at 40 and 42 i dont know if my chances are higher havin children late in life but wish you all the luck in the world would love to keep in touch with you through your progress and see how we both work out good luck tracy x


claire18 - August 21

After having been married for a year, at age 39, and having met with 3 different fetility MD specialists, we decided to go the natural route, as these Md's warned that their success rates were 10-15%. A friend who had also had trouble conceiving from her early 20's til her late 20's also said that she and many of her clients (she is a couples counselor) had also been unsuccessful with IVF (she had 7 cycles and has two beautiful children naturally after having been told by her IVF doctor that her eggs were too old!). She said her trick was cutting out sugar and being on an organic diet. This put me on a year long quest for the right Chinese doctor, which we were lucky to find about 3 months ago. Within 3 weeks of taking herbal "supplements" pills, I found out I was pregnant. My periods became more normal, and then, luckily found out about the pregnancy at age 40. What this tells me is that 1. chinese medicine has worked for us 2. fertility is not something we can control, but is a gift from Above 3. keep praying and being hopefuly, I know its not always easy, but believe me, when I began to relax more once I found my Dr., I felt more supported and less in the 'control' the outcome mode. I hope this was helpful. Good luck! Feel free to ask me for my Dr's name. He really cares about his patients, and once we met I found out that he is more knowledgeable than all of the IVF doctors.


stephypoo - August 22

hi evry1, this totally All new 2 me im 46 ive Neva BN pregnant or even sexually active, but wut prompt me 2 this forum was the day after sex i experience cramps. Ok after sex alil crampy but NO I'm now 5dpo & im now crampin more also diarrhea, breast r sore & a bit fatigue. My period itsn 4 anutha 2 & a half wks. Usually hav menstrual cramps a wk b4, so I ask ill hav 2 wait frm wut research tells me



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