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chocmuncher - February 10

hi im new and need some advice please im 39 and been trying for a baby for 18 months with no joy. i test for my overlation and always cover it but still no luck. i have had two children with my ex husband. but i re married and he doesnt have any. i just dont know what to do to help my chances or am i just to old. any tips and advice would be helpful thank you


TwinsAt50 - February 10

Hi Chocmuncher,
I would think that if you've been trying for over 18 months with no luck, you might want to see your doctor for a referral to a fertility specialist (if your insurance covers it). Those folks are truly miracle workers.
Good luck.


crystalmaus - February 15

Hey Chocmuncher,
Twinsat50 is right if after 18 months there's no luck, go to your doc. I've had two pregs. using Clomid and am trying for baby 3. They'll run a few tests on you and maybe one on hubby and hopefully you'll get an answer. There's so much help available now...good luck to you and I hope you fall pregnant quickly


chocmuncher - February 17

thank you both so much for your comments.Have booked an appointment on march 10Th so really hoping for some help then.Had a awful month really thought we had made it this month, all the pregnancy signs there period still not here but done test and negative again. 3 days late i think it must be my hormones. thank you again will let you know how i get on.



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