Accidental Fall

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lailadab - February 19

hi everyone , I am now 18 weeks and today i lost balance and fell .. thank God i landed on my knees it was almost like dropping from standing to kneeling position... I called the doc on call and he said that most likely nothing bad happened however i should check in with my regular doctor , i'm so worked up about this especially since tomorrow is a holiday so i'll have to wait till tuesday . Do any of you have any input on falls at this stage ? Help =(


lacypooh817 - February 19

i'm having my second child, most likely there is nothing to worry about. your baby is pretty well cushioned, if anything it probably hurt your pride. i would still check in with your doctor but don't worry yourself to death over it.


excited2bemama - February 19

i wouldn't worry too much either- at 22 weeks my DH was redoing our bottom 2 stairs and had just put some new super slipperly stain on the stairs. needless to say I slipped and fell down 2 stairs and hit my head and back on the stairs..... Like lacey said they are very cushioned in there so unless you land directly on your belly or take a hard b__w to the abdomen I wouldn't be to concerned.


suze42 - February 19

Im sure youre okay, especially since you caught your fall on your knees! Its pretty common for pregnant woman to take a fall because your balance and center of gravity is off. Thats why God made sure our little bundles were all cushioned and safe in our protective wombs! But if you need to see your doc for peace of mind then by all means do it. As long as your not cramping or spotting then Im sure waiting til Tuesday is fine. You could also see if there is a womans clinic in your hospitals...we have one on a walk in basis for pg woman only.Like lacey said, dont worry yourself sick over it..thats prob. worse than the fall!



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