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Danielle - March 9

I never had acne much before I was pregnant, but all of a sudden it's been awful. I've been washing with Clearasil, but it doesn't seem to help much. Does anybody have any suggestions for things that worked for them?


Me too! - March 9

Me too! I'm sorry but I haven't found anything that really works. I think we just have to live with it for a few months. Stress makes it worse, so try to take care of yourself. If I do find anything I will be sure to post it.


rae - March 10

me too and I haven't found anything that helps


Kelly - March 10

Mine seemed to flair up in my first trimester. My chin was a battlefield! Now that I am at 18 weeks it seems to be better. Not 100% but better. Nothing seems to help though.


tara - March 10

Mine was worst in the the 1st trimester, but better now...not completely though. Wash your face at least 3 times a day with a good face wash; if you wear make up wash it off as soon as you get home. Use your toner before you go to bed. I use the Evian face wash and the Evian facial scrub and find it works well for me. If you have acne on your back; or any body parts Tea Tree body wash is great for acne skin. I havn't used it because I don't like the smell, my sister loves it though! You can get it from Lush and I think Body Shop might carry it.


Heather - March 10

Do Not use a foaming cleanser.. I repeat ..Do Not use a foaming cleanser use a creme cleanser then an alcohol free toner and then moisturizer.. im really acne prone unless i use the Marcelle cream cleanser and oil free toner.. in the blue squeeze tube and the blue bottle. then follow with Christian Dior "Capture" moisturizer.


mandy~ - March 10

i never had acne before and it started in the first trimester, now im 20weeks and they are 10 times worse! i havent used any creams all i do is use soap and stop wearing makeup. but its so bad!



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