Anybodty Had The Pre Term Scan

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Eveadel - April 10

Hi everyone Im new to this forum. Has anybody had this scan? I had my first one 10 days ago and they found that my cervix is 14mm instead of the normal 25mm. Im not to worried but just wanted to know if it is quite common to have a short cervix. Im going back for my follow up scan tonight.


mcatherine - April 10

I have a cervix scan every two weeks to watch for shortening. (4 so far, 5 more to go) I'm not sure if a short cervix is common, but my doctors told me that when it shortens before 28 weeks it is an good indicator that you may go into preterm labor - at which point they put a cerclage (st_tch) into your cervix to hold it closed. Hope this helps a little. Good luck!


Been There - April 10

I keep having my cervix examined as well, but it's nice and long. I'm not sure if it's a problem or not for it to be short.


Eveadel - April 11

Thank you for your messages. I was supposed to have my internal scan again last night but my DH was late picking me up and by the time we got to the hospital the doctor had gone home. mcatherine what length is your cerivx?


mcatherine - April 11

Hi Eveadel. My cervix is measuring 3cm (or 30mm) which my doctor says falls into the 50th percintile for 22-30 weeks. Sorry you missed the doctor last night - How far along are you?


Eveadel - April 11

mcatherine, Im 24 weeks, I will have to wait and see how it goes Thursday, I dont mind my little baby girl coming a little early but definetly not before 36 weeks


mcatherine - April 11

I wish you much luck with with making it to 36 weeks. Just going from what I was told, because I am no expert by any means, 14mm sounds pretty short, so I guess the next step is to see if it has gotten any shorter or if there is funneling (thinning). I know most doctors don't do cerclages after 28 weeks, but at 24 weeks you're fine. Even if you have to get one, my understanding is that there is tremendous success with them helping women to makeit full term. If the doctor doesn't seem to worried at this point, then I a__sume you can just relax until you see him. Good luck on Thursday. I hope everything turns out well for you and your little girl.


Eveadel - April 11

Thank you mcatherine. There is funnelling aswell I read my notes, I just hope there is no difference on Thursday. Im also not keen on having the stich because that apparently carries risk itself.


mcatherine - April 11

Eveadel, good luck to you - I know this must be scary. I guess you have to weigh which decision carries the most risk. I wish I knew something to say to help you out. Perhaps you should post a question about cerclages, as I think there are a lot of women on here that have had them (I haven't) and they could put your mind a little more at ease. Hopefully, there will be no change and maybe you'll just get some light to moderate bed rest. I'll be thinking about you and sending wishes your way!


Eveadel - April 16

Hi I had my follow up scan last Tuesday and my cervix is now 9mm. I have been told to take it extremely easy but do not have to have bed rest. I am due to start progesterone next Thursday when I go back for my now weekly internal scans. If my cervix shortens to 5mm I will start to have sterioids :(



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