Anyone Bipolar Or Have Cyclothymia

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Revel - April 3

anyone else suffer froim bipolar or have cyclothymia? and if so ow are you coping? do you have to take your meds? i am doing so bad and dr really doestn want me to take meds. he says i have developed severe anxiety and taht this pregnancy is a verybad thing for me although i love my son and am so happy to be having him not sure how to deal somedays im so happy and others i seriosuly think about hurting myself (i would never do anythingwhile i was pregnant because i love my son to much) but i do scare myself soemtimes.....anyone have advice or experiencing it also?


Hana - April 3

Revel, Im sorry your going through a tought time now. I dont suffer from bipolar or cyclothymia, but I am a therapist and I know how difficult it can be. I wonder whether you've tried therapy or counselling. I've been going for my own therapy for 3 years now and I have found pregnancy brings up loads of new issues. Self-harm is often a way of expressing unspoken feelings, and perhaps therapy can be an avenue where you can express and explore your feelings. Its great your resisting the urges to self harm, and its ok to have these thoughts as long as you dont act on them. Pregnancy is a time when anxiety reaches sky high, so your not alone. I'm certainly experiencing an emotional rollar minute i can cry and im so depressed and the next minute im elated. Just know where here to support you!


Revel - April 3

thx so much for the support hana i actually just got off the phone with a superviser at my mental health place igo to because i been trying for over 3 weeks to see a therapist but my supposed therapist is MIA adn i beenhaving major panic attacks ect and could really use his help im hoping someone calls me back i been working on getting therapy for over a month nowbut they keep screwing me around



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