Anyone Else Have A Hubby Acting WEIRD

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lara - February 3

Hi girls. I am brand new the the 2nd trimester but thought maybe I'd get some advice. For the past few days my poor hubby has been totally BIZARRE! It's like he's just frustrated with me or with pregnant me or something but when I ask him he says I'm hormonal. And then I get aggrevated with him. I know I'm hormonal BUT I'm not crazy!!! Anyway... just looking for a sympathetic ear. We're not really fighting (and never really argued pre-pregnancy either) but the past week has been so tense!! I think he's stressing out or something but just wish he'd talk about it so I don't think he's mad at me. I also wish he'd clean the freakin' bathroom from time to time. But that's hormonal me - he never cleaned it before, why now. sigh. :)


Renee - February 3

I think men take the whole pregnancy thing a lot more serious than we think they do. They too are realizing what is about to happen and may be a little stressed over it, especially since they feel like they are head of the household.Unfortunately most men do not know how to express their feelings and talk about things that bother them like us women. Maybe if you just give it some time and try to find the right moment to calmly bring up the matter he will open up and let you know what is bothering him.


sarah - February 3

I'm told too that my behavior is related to the pregnancy and like you this isn't always true. I think that is just how it is. :( Also, if you find the key to men cleaning bathrooms let me know:)


minna_k04 - February 4

My husband is the opposite weird. When I get upset about something, even if it is something that I would have got upset about prepreg. he just lets it go. Or gives me a hug. The other day he had a bad day at work and came home ill. Well I'm preg. of course he made me cry. And I couldn't stop. He felt so bad, he held me until I could stop told me I shouldn't pay him any attention and then took me out to eat in the middle of the week so I didn't have to cook. I'm loving it.


Been There - February 5

Minna_k04, my husband is acting extra nice to me too. When I start to flip out over something, he just responds so sweetly, I have to stop fussing immediately. When I snap about something, he just says I'm moody and b__ws it off. It's amazing. He was good before, but he's really going out his way to keep me calm lately. He just won't allow me to argue with him. Granted, sometimes I am picking a fight because I'm frustrated, but it just isn't working.


lara - February 6

Thanks girls. : ) Appreciate the listening. Hope your pregnancies all go wonderfully.



not without 20 minutes of jokes about why he couldn't do it, or bouts of hugs to tell me how much he loved me (in hopes to get out of it). I told him that I couldn't do it on my own anymore. It was eitehr he help, or get a cleaning lady (and he doesnt want to spend the money) So I put the toilet wand in his hand and watched him clean (squirming all the way) I had to put my hand on top of his to show him how to swish it around, and he refused to look, but he did it. Ultimately, I find that if I just tell him that he did a great job (even if he didn't) it's better than having him do nothing at all. so remember to PRAISE your husbands/boyfriends ladies for any household work they do. Even if they leave streaks on the mirrors after using STREAK FREE WINDEX. LOL. Good luck!


lara - February 6

WOW!!! A toilet??? I've used the cleaning lady argument too so now my hubby does do laundry a lot and is the vacc_m-master but a toilet? nope. never going to happen. Congrats!!!!! :)


tanya w - February 7

My husband and I never fight but this past week we have been going at it! Our biggest arguement is schooling options for our kids. We have our oldest in a private school and our 5 year old twins will have to be registered soon and he doesn't want to pay for it but I won't budge. I guess he's just nervous about having another and the cost. We have 5 little boys ages 7, 5, 2, (2 sets of twins) and I am almost 14 weeks pregnant. I don't think he realizes how much work this stay at home mommy pregnany stuff is! I have found a way to get him to help me clean though but it took 11 years of marriage! I tell him constantly how much it turns me on to see him cleaning and it works. I know when he's in the mood because he's mopping floors and seeing how he's always in the mood I always have clean floors :0) I do have to say in his defense that although not all the arguing is from hormones it seems like I am a little more sensitive and arguementative lately.


lara - February 8

Hi Tanya! Wow - five little ones so young... you are really busy!! I am the oldest of five kids and know how crazy it gets. Lots of fun too though. : ) So, turns out that my sweet hubby is stressed out and scared that he doesn't know how to be a good dad (this is our first). ... he doesn't know how to make sure your kids stay "good" and how to make sure your teenagers become responsible adults or how to protect them from heartbreak and making stupid decisions... poor guy. I tried to tell him all of that is just life and he has no control but he's still stressing out. It's pretty cute - he's going to be such a great dad but obviously just doesn't know it yet. Phew - at least all the stress is out in the open now... I'm just going to keep telling him what a great dad he's going to be. and I guess we take it from there! what fun times!



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