Are Taps And Pops The Same As Flutters

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No name - November 8

I'm 17 weeks and have been feeling very sight taps and little pops, one at a time. No flutters though. Is this baby movement??? I'm thinking the little pushings and taps aren't gas (?) They're so slight, I just don't know and I'm getting worried!


**jumac** - November 8

yeh that will be your baby, some people describe it as fluuters and some describe it as pops etc, im now 18weeks and i started feeling mine at 15weeks and i thoought "no, it cant be" but it was it felt slight so you dont believe its true, eventually i think it will just get stronger and stronger


Em - November 8

At my last appt, my doc said the 1st movement might feel like flutters, or like gas bubbles, or like "b___terfly kisses." She demonstrated with her fingers on my belly. I think you're definitely feeling the baby. (I'm just about 17 wks, and felt it for the 1st time a couple of days ago...)


No name - November 9

I'm very excited by it. It comes and goes but it's very faint. The problem is that I have a lot of gas and burping (which seems to be my only pregnancy symptom so far), so it gets confusing. Also, I sense a tightening of the uterus sometimes, like very slight contractions. That's the only way I can describe it. Also, it feels like a warm tightening, the kind you get when you're nervous. Is this normal too??


Terra - November 9

that is definately your baby, and soon those little taps, etc, will turn into kicks, I am now 20wks, and am feeling movement all the time, it's ver excited, your going to be there in another week or two


Em - November 9

Hey no name, I've been experiencing very very similar symptoms. Lots and lots and lots of gas (thank goodness I have my own office, haha). But I think these new feelings are a lot different from the gas. And I also felt the tightness across my lower belly, but I just a__sumed I was bloated ;-)



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