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First time mum - May 12 11:28am

Hi, I am now 14 weeks and have found that my clothes are tighter. However, I just think I look fat right now instead of pregnant. Am I the only one feeling this.

Jen - May 12 1:24pm

Trust me I feel the same way! I don't feel like one of those glowing beautiful pregnant women I feel swollen and chubby. I'm pretty much wearing all maternety pants right now although I don't look really pregnant yet. Im 15 weeks and I can't squeese into any of my jeans anymore.

twist - May 12 5:29pm

yep, I outgrew my jeans quite a few weeks back because I was always bloated. I just feel like a blob at the moment, and can't wait to have a pregnancy stomach so people will know I'm not just fat! I wish the baby would pop out a bit instead of pushing all the fat outwards around it, sigh.

twist - May 12 5:31pm

PS- I am 14 weeks also

DD - May 17 2:07pm

I am also 14 weeks and up until last Friday I was wearing my clothes but just had a rubber band holding them on. I broke down and bought maternity clothes over the weekend! I to just feel fat.

Carol - May 17 3:30pm

The same here. 14 weeks and fat. I need to go buy clothes, but there is nothing exciting about buying maternity clothes... I hate them and I hate how I look. It is summer and all this women are skinny and running around in bikinis and I feel like a beached whale.AHHHHH I wish I had a belly so people would know that I am pg and not a fat chick.

Heather - May 17 4:49pm

You will untill about 20-24 weeks. That is when my belly became round and harder not fat looking.

HB - May 17 6:39pm

don't worry, i am 13weeks along and already have a big bulging belly. my boss just told me today that i should be showing this much so soon! Can you believe that! He isn't even a woman, how the hec does he know!

shavonne mckeown - July 7 3:40pm

hi my name is shavonne and i am now 30 weeks. i have problems myself wearing clothes because i think that i look fat instead of pregnant. but i dont look down on my self because i know that i have somthin special growing in side of me to make me look like this. so just keep your head up high and trust me when its all over u want even be focus on nothin but that beautiful angel that u brought into this world.

Jessica F. - July 7 10:45pm

NOPE i looked fat at that stage too. It was about 19 wks that I thought I looked more pregnant than fat. Then again we are our toughest critics

Leah - July 14 11:07pm

I'm 22 weeks preganate and look fatter then ever. I thought that by now i should look like i have a baby in that fat but still nothin, i cant wait until it looks better, i've been waiting!

Jo - July 15 4:11am

I thought I would give you a smile, ladies.... I am fat, already, always have been (0ver 200 lbs) and I discovered yesterday that I am 13 weeks pregnant! I'd be quite happy if my belly didn't get any bigger at all - or else we might have to widen the doors to get me into the house! :-)

Ray - July 15 12:18pm

I hear ya girl. I turned 15 weeks today, and everyone tells me I look 5 months pregnant. I weighed 108 b4 I got pregnant. Now I weigh 128!! I think I'm just fat. But I don't eat anymore than I used too, and I exercise everyday (walking). So I don't know whats up.

airi - July 15 8:33pm

hello all ..nope youre not the only one feeling like fat lol ..i feel im winnie the pooh now lol..but it doesnt matter..all i am thinking is to have a healthy baby..asap i deliver it i will have the serious diet again sigh .this is my second pregnancy..when i have my first baby i went to 82 kilo bah! i am a whale in that time then i went back to my normal kilo 50 ..wish u all the luck ..dont always think that u are fat lol ..


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