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Pink07 - January 11 7:56pm

Ok, this may sound like a stupid question..but, I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and it feels like the baby is kicking really low in my abdomen, i thought I would feel the kicks a little higher..sometimes it feels like the baby is kicking my this a normal exerience?

Pink07 - January 11 7:58pm

wow, a couple of typos there..."Bladder" and "Experience"....sorry for that

goldfish - January 11 8:05pm

absolutely normal it will move up in 2-3 weeks
the kicks start way low in the begining it must be feeling like a strong pulse just above your hairline right?

Pink07 - January 11 8:07pm

yes, and it is kind of

goldfish - January 11 8:10pm

no worries mine did the same now he kicks the belly hole and hate if i touch him he kicks me right at the spot where i have my hand kind of saying " give me a break i need some space to play ok take you hand of the tummy"

Pink07 - January 11 8:13pm

It is funny, cause a couple of weeks ago all I was feeling was little tapping...but it is stronger now...I am happy to feel my baby moving...but it feels strange at the same time hehe I can't wait til I am able to see him/her moving in my belly and feel it from the outside...

ChattyKathy - January 11 9:41pm

The top of your uterus is rising, but only because baby is getting bigger! Baby is still taking up that whole space so if he/she is sitting upright, his/her little feet will be kicking you low in your stomach. Its normal and its not until the baby turns and positions itself every which way that you'll feel the kicks in different spots.

jen27 - January 12 12:09am

I'm also 21 weeks and I still feel all the pokes pretty low.

sarah21 - January 12 11:48pm

Totally normal. I am 30 weeks and I still get kicks and punches low, since she is head down with her b___t off to one side or the other. When your baby gets big enough you'll begin feeling her feet tickle and move across your ribs, which is a very odd feeling. Enjoy!

Emily1 - January 17 9:13am

Most of my baby´s kicks are really low and I´m 23 weeks and my scan last week said he was head down so I presume it´s his hands and arms that are poking me, hehe. Mine likes to move around from one side to the other near my bladder, and yes, it´s an odd feeling


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