Baby Movement While Yawning

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MamaJo - June 29

Hello everyone, I'm knew to this forum. I'm due Nov 29th (currently 18 weeks). I have a 6 year old boy, so I have forgotton what it's like to be pregnant again...

So my question is.... Every time I yawn and/or sometimes when I take deep breaths, I feel a really hard kick, if that's what they are... I'm afraid that I'm kinda hurting him/her when yawn... it's just a really weird feeling. Does anyone else ever have these "kicks?"


Emma2 - June 29

Youre not hurtin the baby at all. I am now 19 weeks and i felt very minor activity but this is my 1st and thy say 1 st time moms feel less early on.


LINZ - June 30

Hi Mamajo, I am 20 wks and I have also been feeling definite kicks and movement. My baby tends to do this alot after I have eaten! It is nothing to worry about, just be glad that you are one of a handful of people that actually get to feel your baby move and kick early on in your pregnancy. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy & take care! x


snugglybugglys - June 30

Maybe it happens when you yawn because it rocks the baby, so your he/she responds? I know with all of my pregnancies, that would happen. :)


venus_in_scorpio - June 30

maybe its because yawning takes in a lot of oxygen and therefore it might feel to your baby like a deep breath. I wouldnt think thats bad though! :o) (random useless fact: the body wants to yawn not just because we are tierd but because or brain is not getting enough oxygen.)


katinpsych - July 11

That happens to me too!! Started during my 16th week, and happened again today while I'm in my 19th week. I was really worried about it- but am glad that it must be normal since it happens to others too! I wish a doctor would respond regarding what it really is.



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