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Tricia - September 28 12:58pm

I really need to hear from people who know for sure they are pregnant and have heard their baby's heartbeat with the back side (bell end) of a regular stethoscope. I need to know, does it sound like a very quiet, fast steady drumbeat, or like rolling thunder, or a herd of horses gallopping through the dust with a very regular fast rhythm? At somewhere between 17-20 weeks right now, I have to stand up to measure it and be real still and quiet, but when I timed it it was very different from my own heartbeat. Mine was between 100-110 depending if I am nervous or not. This sound was much harder to hear, and took a couple of tries to distinguish individual beats, but when I did count it for a minute on my watch, It was either 150 or 160 beats a minute. (I might have recounted the 40-50 part twice because I was just trying to keep up!) Does any of this sound familiar to those who have listened with a stethoscope. I realize that ultrasound does not sound like gallopping horses or anything probably, but that is because it is a machine amplified sound. That's why I really want to hear from people who have heard with a regular stethoscope. Thanks

BS - October 13 5:37pm

Hi, I hear my baby's heartbeat using a stethoscope too. When the baby's back is close to my abdomen, Ican hear it really clear like the tick of a watch, beating rapidly and loudly. But, when the baby's back is not close to my abdomen, then the heart beat is really faint. However, sometimes, I ust can't localize where the heart would liek and was not able to pick up the sound.


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