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Hannah - January 12

My aunt is throwing me a baby shower (how sweet) she wants to do this when I am 8 months pregnant but I think that may be a bit too late. What is the best time to do one?? Any fun ideas? I thought we could do one when I am 7 months. thanks!


yungmama - January 12

My mom is throwing mine when I am 8 months also. I believe this is about the average. One good idea I have heard is a diaper raffle instead of a wishing well. You make a gift basket of a few small items and a gift card and anyone who wants to participate brings a pack of diapers (all sizes) and puts them in a bin. Then you do a drawing. It's a big help, being that you will always need lots of diapers.


bean - January 12

I heard that basically any time after 30 weeks is the norm. I'm also hoping for mine earlier rather than later, because I'll simply be terrified of not having stuff for the baby (car seat, crib, clothes) and don't know how much energy I'll have to shop for these things closer to the end. Don't have any really fun ideas - but I've hinted to dh that I'd love a tea - lots of sweets, pastries, fun stuff. Hey, why not splurge one last time before the big diet starts? :)


Hannah - January 12

thanks, ladies! I will try to have mine next month, I will be about 30 - 31 weeks. Tea idea is awesome. I thought about it already myself... I just had two slices of pizza and a piece of chocolate cake... and still would go for a pastry. :)


k - January 12

does anyone have a pshyco throwing you a shower and if something doesnt go the way she wants she will freak out. I do Im begining to wonder who's shower it is.


Tess - January 12

My friend is giving me a baby shower at the end of March, Im due May 19th. DH and I registered last night at Target. It was fun :o) I am 22 wks along.


amb - January 12

i registered at target monday and my goodness they had NOTHING out. everything was clearanced and they took their whole display of car seats, strollers etc off the shelf. i had to go online to finish my registery. they didnt even have bath tubs out. but needless to say i got it done :-)


bean - January 12

Hey Girls - just a word of caution on the registering thing... Babies R Us and Target both discontinue the stuff they carry in Dec and bring in all new stuff by February. If you're registering now, make sure you go back to your registery often to see that what you want is not discontinued. If you get a nice person at Babies R Us, they can check it up in a book for you and tell you what will still be around in the spring when our showers will be. Good luck!


amb - January 12

hey bean, thanks for sharing that info!!! my shower is in 2 weeks so hoepfully (keeping my fingers crossed) the stuff will still be there!!!


kt - January 12

That kind of sucks that they do that. They should at least tell us that before we register.



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