Belly Button Is Getting Dark

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ASMSA - April 18

I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins. My belly button is getting dark. Do any of you have this sort of changes?


Kime - April 18

Ya im 29 weeks and mine has pretty much popped out and has gottn darker, but im black so i don't know if that has anything to do with it. But ya i showed my mom mine the other day and she was like eww gross look at your belly b___ton. She's a doll lol...................


ASMSA - April 18

Hi Kime, Thanks for your reply. Mine havn't popped out yet but getting darker than my skin. One of my friend says' belly b___ton usually popped out when someone is carrying boy. Are you carrying boy?


lillians_mom - April 18

mine turned dark and popped out at 30 weeks. it is normal, and soon there will be line down the center of your belly that is also dark. it is really weird looking. :) something to look forewzrd to when you go to the pool this summer!


Bellas Mom - April 18

I don't have any of that yet, but with my first I did, and the dark line too.... Many parts of you body gets darker. If I'm not mistaken it's the hormones causing it. Your nipples also get very dark right after you girve birth too, it's funny. But it all goes back to its normal color, it did for me.


ASMSA - April 18

I am carrying twin. may be bacause of this, mine started to be darker at this early stage. However thanks to all who replied to my question and help me to relief my tension.


Allisonc79 - April 18

Mine is now level with my belly, hasn't popped out quite yet and I'm 27 weeks. I've noticed I have dark areas like under my eyes during this pregnancy. Just another body change.


Cathy2 - April 19

Yup! Darker belly b___ton... tummy fuzz....huge darkened areola''s all so attractive ; )



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