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stefkay - January 10

Hi, I'm such a worrywart that I had to post this. I am seeing my dr. tomorrow and should be fine until then, but I have been having pounding heart here and there (which I've had 2 nurses tell me is normal due to extra blood volume in pregnancy), but last night I was having anxiety too about getting high bp so I went to the pharmacy across the street to check my bp. It was actually 84/51 or something like that -- actually considered LOW! I called the nurse today of my specialist that I don't see anymore (because she is more helpful) and she mentioned getting my hemoglobin checked tomorrow for anemia. Has anyone experienced low blood pressure in pregnancy and is it harmful? I don't know if this is what my reading normally is as I dont check it regularly. I'm just afraid that waiting till tomorrow is too long or will I be ok? I feel fine other than the heart thing occasionally.


stefkay - January 10 clarify, I was worrying about high bp, although I have never had it nor have I been told to worry about it, lol...


goldfish - January 10

84/51 is that a typo?. the normal BP is 120/80. but in preganany be it anybody it is a little more like say 130 or so. that is obviously due to the pressure of carrying the baby and we are giving our babys food and oxygen through our blood and hence make our heart work more than normal. I dont think you have high or low BP its just shortness of breath or something. I get that too once in a while but after sometime it goes away. I have never had any BP problem before i got preggy. anyways here is mystory. My BP has been good before preganacy and last visit to my peri one stupid nurse told me to come full baldder for a scan which wasnt actually necessary coz u need to be empty bladder for a transvariginal ultrasound. But since she told me i didnt pee at all since 6am . and finally my appointment came in at 10.30 pm i was like controlling like crazy. The doc got mad on the nurse and me and told me never to do that again. Meanwhile my BP which used to be in the range of 120 125 was showing 137 . She said the BP is very high and get a urine sample. luckily there was no traces of protein and nothing was to worry about. THey cheacked my BP again after empty bladder and guess what it came down from 137 to 127 which is how other factors influence your reading. All iam saying is i dont think anything is wrong with you those pharmacy redings arent reliable people just play with those machines for fun and they arent often so good. Next time you see you doc make sure u ask for any protein trace in ur urine. otherwise little fluctuation here and there is normal. your body is working hard and is bound to show some high reading


goldfish - January 10

hey by he way keep eating lots of banana if you have these heart beatissues i heard it helps a lot and iam eat 2 a day .It also is good to keep BP i control


stefkay - January 10

thanks so much! Awesome tip on the bananas b/c I love them! :) I eat one each day for breakfast, but I can do more. Nope, no was THAT low. Seriously I wondered if it was the machine, but my bf did his and it was like 141/85 (he has high blood pressure) so his reading seemed right. I always hear about women having high bp issues in pregnancy, but never hear what low blood pressure can do!


julie2007 - January 10

stef - at my OB appt today - my BP was 82 on 54 - and it's completely fine. you really need to worry less ~ and as for the rapid heartbeats - i had mentioned that about a month ago on our thread and the girls all told me it's normal. my OB seconded that as well.


stefkay - January 10

Yeah, you'd think I'd give myself HIGH bp! LOL, I know more than anyone that I need to worry less...if it were as easy as flipping a switch, huh?


fefer1 - January 10

that's low blood pressure but not bad. Throughout my pregnancy so far mine has been about 110/60...Normally it's 90/60 so... you're lucky it's low. Is your heart doing that regularly or is it just here and there?



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