Carrying Low Or High

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clariebear - January 30

I have heard that if ur carrying low its a girl and high its a boy how true is it???


krissy1980 - January 30

acually i heard the opposite..low=boy and high=girl.It's true in my case..I am carring low and I am having a boy:)


Tammy276 - January 30

its an old wives tale and has nothing to do with gender, though some find it fun to try and guess by all of their is supposed to be low = boy and high = girl.....well, with my boy I carried high and wide and with my girl I am carrying low and a ball in the front.....but because this is my second pregnancy, that is why I am carrying lower, because the muscles are streched already and aren't as tight and strong, so your belly "sags" more the second time around.


emunah - January 30

I've actually carried differently with all 6 of my pregnancies, and being as there are only two s_xes..... go figure. I agree that it is hogwash, everyone will tell you something different.


aliciavr6 - January 30

So far, I'm carrying pretty low, and I'm having a girl. - January 30

i was low and in the front with my daughter and now i'm low and wide but don't know what i'm having yet.


aaaaaaaaaa - January 30

I'm carrying pretty high I think, and its a boy


Kelly11 - January 30

I'm carrying very low still and I'm 22 weeks...and it's for sure a boy!


lily10 - January 30

I'm carrying high and I'm having a girl.


DownbutnotOUT - January 31

both my boys where carried veyr low but half way through my pregnancy my son movd up alittle. With my daughter I carried high and with this baby Im carrying hi. My sister carried low and she had a girl.


pixie2 - January 31

i carried low for my first and had a girl


jendean00 - January 31

I am carrying low and I am having a Girl.


Angee2 - February 1

My 1st pregnancy was a girl and I carried high and very close to my body--not pointy at all. --this time, I think it's too early. Im only 18.5 weeks so Im not really big enough to tell.



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