Cramping Around Belly Button

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jo - August 17

I've just started to get these MAJOR cramping around my bellu button, where I can't move. It hurts sooooo bad I have to grab on something and squeeze it. Why am I having this?


shelly - August 17

I have bad pains arund my bellly b___ton too. It feels like a tearing to me, it's just your uterus stretching. But, if it's MAJOR cramping like you said I would go to the doc, how far along are you??


jo - August 17

Shelly... thanks for responding. I will be 13 wk. tomorrow. I just called a nurse line and they're trying to get a hold of my nurse pract_tioner to give me a call. I think they want me to come in and get checked. Right now they finally went away, but it was sooooo bad I couldn't bend, touch my belly b___ton, and I had to hold my breath cause it hurt so bad.


shelly - August 17

Let me know what they say. If I get worried about anything I go to the doc, I don't even care if everyone thinks it's normal I still go if it worries me. It'll ease your mind if you just go get it checked out to. keep me posted!!


jessielouwho - August 18

Hi ladies, I know this may seem a little far fetched but I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and typically your bowels will get tense and sometimes cramp in that area. If you've been consitpated or having trouble with bowel movements that could be it as well. Just an idea to discuss with your doctor.


Elizabeth - August 19

I have the same problem only I feel it when I am exercising, I am 26 weeks and it feels like my belly b___ton is being pulled in towards my back. The cramps occur around the center of my stomach. If I slow down when I am walking briskly they stop after a few minutes, It so strange.


BUMP - August 21




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