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Rachel29 - December 3 8:46am

Hi everybody,
Sorry I seem to have so many's just that EVERYTHING seems to worry me. Anyway, when I go to bed at night I feel huge, and my stomach really feels pregnant (I'm almost 14 weeks, so I'm not that huge, but you know, bigger than before), but when I wake up up in the morning, I still feel a bump, but not as much. I read about bowel distention in the first trimester that can make you feel biger, but will that be true in the second? Thanks!

Stephanie_31 - December 3 11:05am

My tummy is definatly bigger at night than in the morning. Think about before you got pg. Didn't the same thing happen? You wake up with a nice flat stomach and by the end of the day you look like you have gained 5 lbs. I don't know why but I know that is the way it is for me.

Rachel29 - December 3 11:20am

You know, I think you're probably right Stephanie...I just never paid that much attention before I was pregnant! Now I'm totally in tune to every little thing! It's definately really pronounced now though...

mgn - December 4 2:16pm

i am the same way. it is from being on your feet all day and the fluid and also you have eaten 2-3 meals.......i feel smaller in the am before breakfast. nothing to worry about. enjoy it b/c once u hit that 3rd tri i dont think there is "small" days :)

HeatherIsHopeful - December 4 4:48pm

Im almost 13 weeks and I get this way too.. of course Im still very small but the bump is enough for me to notice.. and when I wake up its all but gone... by the end of the day there it is again.. I like the theory you girls have come up with, it makes sense :)

renaye - December 4 10:50pm

it is funny i came across you question today
i walked in to work this morning and i was told i look lillte today
im 21 weeks and i was feeling smaller this morning more the outher days but as im placeing feback now at 4:50 in the afternoon i feel so big
funny things happen to you in pregnancy ]

Faye84 - December 5 9:21am

its because you get bloated during the day, things get warm and start swelling up. Your standing and walking around during the day so your going to feel heavier.

RMC - December 8 11:37pm

My stomach is always smaller in the morning. But as soon as I even think about eating anything - bam! there it is.

ChattyKathy - December 9 5:46pm

I actually read an article about this recently. Its normal for your stomach to feel bigger at night. I've got to bed feeling so huge and uncomfortable only to wake up feeling like my normal self. It doesn't mean anythings wrong. You're just in that weird "showing - not showing" stage.


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